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byyosa, June 12, 2012
Mini FrontPage
This is one of the most useful free modules I have been able to find- it works reliably, and is wonderfully customizable through a robust back end interface. Not only is it good for displaying an article summary, but it is also the perfect solution for when you need to list articles after a lead article. Example: You can list articles 2-10 in a category.

I was working on a newspaper site, on pages where the first article had a photo with summary, and then the 2nd through 10th articles were shown as titles only. This module did so beautifully, and the ability to add our own css file was just marvelous.

Only issue I have had with it is that it seems to select the last image in the article to make the thumbnail, which has been troublesome in some uses.

Overall- highly customizable and highly recommended!
This affordable commercial extension was the solution to what seemed like an surmountable problem.

Dynamic404 helped our team with:
--Setting an article (from menu item) as the 404 page. That is such a nice feature, as now the site nav is in place, with our custom title.
--We can set the redirects to auto- this lets our client move articles from category to category as much as they want without their links breaking or needing to manually add redirects.

In addition, we had challenging issues with upgrading from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5. The support team at Yireo was extraordinary, offering assistance above and beyond.

I highly recommend the Yireo team for clear, easy to use extensions and fantastic customer service!