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byyosia, March 9, 2010
MP3 Browser
I think this plugin is great, its awesome, it does what it says... It is very helpful.
However, I would like to see these features in the next version:
1. Integration of streaming audio from external directories (i.e, {music}{/music} (which other plugins support)
2. Ability to set the background color of the rows to "None" (for when you have a background-image)
3. Download should work clicking on the Download Icon. (instead of having to right-click and Download To).
4. Limit the number of songs playing at a time to 1. In other words, that it wouldn't allow 2 songs to play at the same time, i.e, when you start playing a song and then you start another one before stopping the first one it should automatically stop playing the first song and play the last one selected.
I think that's it. Besides that, its a great plugin, very recommended if you are streaming audio from your joomla installation. Thanks a lot.