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byyzcrakker, February 25, 2010
OSE Membership™
I don't like to leave bad reviews, but this time I must so that others don't make a mistake. I paid good money for this to use on a site that uses jdownloads or phocadownload. It has a fundamental flaw in that it is not designed to work unless there is a user account already in Joomla (or is setup abd active in the process of paying). This makes setting permissions a nightmare. The add-ons, installs and other finicky plugins and attachments just make life long and difficult. If you want users to pay before they get an account, definitely go with another component. I paid good money knowing there is a no refund policy and ended up using another component which took care of it for less money.
Owner's reply


Thanks for your comment, but did you request the registration control plugin in the support system? In the user manual, section 4.3, we have instructions there: "If you don’t want the visitor to register before the payment is approved, you may submit a
ticket at to ask for a registration control plug-in.
The logic of the plug-in is: when a visitor joins a membership, he/she is asked to register first,
but if he/she doesn't go through the whole payment process, his/her joomla user account will be

Therefore, please submit a ticket in the support system and we will give you the download link for this plugin then.

Best regards,
OSE team