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For a commercial extension this is a pity. Nothing is aligned in the menus or display. The backend text is so hard to read. The CSS is awful.

The frontend is even worse. I have tried this on 3 different themes, and they are ALL just as bad.

In the developer's forum they want admin access to everyone's site to "investigate" the issue. Since I am on a stock install of Joomla, it seems like they could just do this themselves and see.

Instead of issuing a date for a fix, or an updated version they insist on having the end user manually adjust the CSS. I am okay with this normally, but since I paid for this extension, I don't want to have to dig in and alter anything. Not like in the way they describe.

Stay far away from this one until it is updated.
Owner's reply

Sorry to hear that you weren't happy with JTAG Members.
As can be seen from the demo - , JTAG Members doesn't have any CSS issues.
However, I understand you were expecting it to be working as responsive, which it is not yet designed for.

We are in process of making JTAG Members as responsive but it will be sometime before the responsive version is released as we already have few other features lined up for release.
Though, our support team tried to help you out by providing you code in order to make it responsive.
We don't usually need to ask for admin access unless someone has tried to customize the product and facing issues in doing so.
Since you are not happy with our product, we have already refunded your payment.
However, given an oppurtunity, we would still like to make the JTAG members responsive on your site.

Wishing you all the best in designing your Joomla website.

Best Regards,
JTAG Support