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byzabroger, June 25, 2014
Perfect Ajax Popup Contact Form
This contact form is by far the best one available, it's simple and easy to use yet still very powerful. I recently ran into a problem with it not sending the email but displaying an error. After trying to trouble shoot the problem on my own I contacted their customer support. I probably frustrated them with my novice questions and responses but they stuck with me and discovered another plugin that was running on my site and causing the problem. I disabled it and life is good again.
I highly recommend this contact form!!!
byzabroger, June 25, 2014
I purchased a really nice ajax contact plugin that works very nicely but recently ran into a problem between it and ReDJ redirect plugin. I have around 150 redirects plugged into ReDJ which would all have to be manually moved into some other form of redirect program in order to keep the ajax contact form running. I found the Dynamic404 component and gave it a shot. In under 5 minutes of installing it and the Easyblog plugin my problem was solved and I saved my self 4 or 5 hours of work. It was as easy as enabling the plugin and the rest is history.
Great plugin, keep up the good work!!!
byzabroger, August 20, 2011
Joomla is frustrating because you spend hours trying to make a component or plug in work that has little to no support and never will. I decided to spend the cash on EasyBlog in hopes of getting a quality component that will work and save my self a lot of hassle and time.

Right away I had trouble installing, kept getting an error message no matter what I tried. I submitted a support ticked at 10:30 pm and figured I would get a reply sometime the next day if I was lucky. I checked my email at 10:45pm one last time before bed and found a reply to my support ticket. It suggested switching form php4 to php5. I made the quick change and the rest is history.

The blog works perfectly, so many options to customize you almost get lost. I would highly recommend this blog. Great features and great support. 5 Stars in my book.