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byzahnseide, November 1, 2011
3D Carousel Menu FX
This extension works fine. It´s easy to install and configure. I couldn´t get it work (through a stupid mistake by myself)But the support is really excellent. They found my mistake within shortest time. thanks for this brilliant extension.
byzahnseide, October 3, 2011
Ozio Gallery
Hello, I installed the component. It was easy to handle and everything was okay. Nice flash animations. I got good feetbacks from the viewers. But on the third day, some friends told me, that they are´nt able any longer, to watch the gallery. I couldn´t believe it, at my PC everything worked alright. So I changed to another PC and I got the same problems as my friends. At the flashgallery skin there is only a white sreen. A few thumbnails are black, a few white. The name of the images is shown. The strange thing is. We all use the same browser and at the beginning it worked at all Pc`s of my friends perfect. So what can I say. Actually I should give 5 Stars, but I can´t, because it works apperently not quite propper.
Owner's reply

Try to watch the gallery whit www. or without www.

byzahnseide, September 30, 2011
Art Table
The modul ist easy to handle, even without a documentation. The things, I wasn´t able to manage did the support... in shortest time !! I Haven´t seen such a good support before.
byzahnseide, September 27, 2011
Flip Wall
Instead of showing commercials I use this modul as "player cards" from our soccerteam.At the frontside of the label I use the images from the players, on the backside from the label I put in some players-informations. What shell I say: It works propperly. At the beginning I had some (ownmade) problems, but the support was perfectly. Whithin a short time I got my answers. Thanks a lot for this good modul and support