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byzaratustra27, July 21, 2014
User Article Manager
I wanted to enable all my blog's author-level users the ability to view and edit all their articles from the same page, published or not. I just installed this extension and set the respective menu item and BAM! Problem solved! I didn't even need to tweak extension's settings.

The only thing easier than using UAM is to give it 5 stars.
byzaratustra27, June 8, 2014
Za SlitSlider
I had a conflict with my previous slideshow and a new extension that uses JQuery 1.9 that couldn't be fixed by using noConflict mode. After stumbling at almost all slideshows in JED I tried this one, removed jQuery from other module and used this one's instead, worked like a charm! I had to edit some CSS to make it look as I want but JS issue was gone.

As extensions start to use latest jQuery versions, I suspect this small gem will be of help to more and more people.
byzaratustra27, July 16, 2013
Multiple Images for K2
I created a k2-based directory where users are meant to upload images in order to create a small gallery for each created item and decided to give it a try because I have an excelente experience with another extension from same developer. The plugin is easy to use for my frontend users and the available templates (yes, it has different displays for your custom gallery) worked well.

Once again, when I needed support, it was fast and efective. Great work!
byzaratustra27, June 14, 2013
Filter and Search for K2
First of all, I'd like to praise Andrey's support and coding, I recently bought this extension and had some problems with it, I sent an email and in a few hours Andrey sent me back an updated plugin that solved all my problems, everything was perfect since then.

About the software itself, I have a site with +17K K2 items with custom access levels, and I was afraid the searches were too heavy for the plugin but all run smoothly and the module is fully customizable at its display and functions too. As any software full of features, it takes some time to figure out how to make it work but I realized it very soon and didn't need to ask for help again but no doubt, if I had to, Andrey would have answered in little time.

This plugin really unleashes K2 power as a directory tool.
byzaratustra27, June 24, 2011
I don't use to throw flowers to whom doesn't need but I'd like to thank to developers for his help with a problem that arose about a THIRD PARTY plugin, we couldn't solve it finally, but it's assuring to see that level of compromise with their product. Please notice I used free support.

The component itself is fine, powerful and with plenty features, I'd say its ease of use is 4 of 5 stars but support is definitively out of scale, 10 of 5!!!
byzaratustra27, June 24, 2011
Short story: buggy, hard to configure and without support.

Long one: It would be a good idea to create a plugin that can be used with any component, it's supossed you just add a twin component/view parameter and the plugin will work for them, but it took me half day to realize that a wrong set of parameters (they're input as plain text) disables the plugin not only for the wrong-set component but for all components also.

I had some problems finding the right component/view set for JEvents (BTW, developer STATES the plugin is compatible with JEvents), read the documentation which only has examples for joomla's com_content and K2 (there are plenty of plugins that do the same for those components, thanks), post a question in the forum without answer and when I finally got developer's email and wrote him, his answer was -textual- 'Sorry, but I have no enough time'.

I'd also like to praise JEvents' developers who took time to answer me, read the little documentation and tried to help me, without successs unfortunately.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review. :)
It is advanced extension and it is hard for configure. ;) I sent you a link to the documentation and examples.
Sorry about missing support, but I really do not have enough time. So I sent you a few sites (scriptlance and joomlancers) where you can get premium support.
The extension is not buggy. Just need a good configuration. ;)