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Akeeba Backup
First let me start by saying that I am not affiliated with (or even know for that matter) the developer in any way.

Akeeba is the most rock solid component in ANY category on JED. It is the ONLY component that I install literally on EVERY site that I build. I install it before the first article or module. The support is absolutely second to none, though I only needed it once (and it was not even a technical issue, but rather a billing question). This component is absolutely dead simple to use. In fact the user manual (which every complainer here needs to read) is actually the most complicated part of the program (not that it is complex, but the component is really brainless - My 6 year old can use it). If I could only have one Joomla extension, this would be the one (though Akeeba Admin Tools are almost as useful).

Anyhow, to the point...For the lazy people on here that don't feel compelled to read the manual, here are the restore instructions in 2-3 easy steps (the 3rd is not always needed):
#1 - Upload the .jpa or .zip backup file, kickstart.php, and en-GB.kickstart.ini (if your language is English)
#2 - go to the URL that you are restoring and click through the "Next" prompts
#3 - If you are restoring to a different server than the one the backup was made on (i.e., moving your site to a different server), then create a blank database and enter that info when plainly prompted to do so during the restoration

That is literally all you have to do.

Here are a couple of tips:
1 - You can use the same kickstart.php and en-GB.kickstart.ini file every time so. for convenience, I just keep those files extracted and on my computer ready to upload
2 - If you don't know your admin password, you can change it during restore
3 - You can use Remote Control to automate the backup process from your PC or Mac (thanks for adding Mac Nicholas)

Ok, so here are my two requests:
1) Anyone getting free software should get a life and stop criticizing anything at all when it does not work for them (I have successfully used this several dozen times). If it does not work for you, believe me it is something YOU are doing wrong
2) Anyone that counts on this software to save their butt or for any other reason other than testing should buy the paid version. It adds very useful features and supports future development. Even if you don't need the extra features, you should support this developer. Everything I have used that he has made is AWESOME.

Ok, that's my piece. Again, I want to mention I have absolutely no association to the developer in any manner other than as a paying customer - nothing I said reflects his opinion.