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byzed2009, July 28, 2013
WS Portfolio - Sortable Isotope Portfolio
What an absolute delight! Brought this extension hoping for a beautiful way to display my portfolio - it works like a charm and is so, so flexible. I am in love with it! Displays all your work in such an appealing, sleek way. Support is brilliant too - I needed help and received a quick, effective answer within a few hours. Very pleased!
byzed2009, June 11, 2013
BT Google Maps
I love this! Tried out one another Google Maps extension which didn't work for me, but this worked straight out of the box. Very easy to configure and customize, the custom marker tool is a delightful bonus - and all for FREE! Hopefully will be using this on many more websites in the future. Huge thanks to the developers!
byzed2009, June 11, 2013
HD-Background Selector
Brilliant extension, thumbs up to the developers. Needed a quick fix so I could change the background colour only for my website home page, without fiddling around with messy code and styling - this is a brilliant simple, quick solution. Thanks!
byzed2009, May 24, 2013
Multi Image Holder
I just love it when an extension works easily straight out of the box, and this is a perfect example! You simply add any images you want, link them to URLs, decide your hover opacity and done. Simple.
Also, I had a slight issue with my order (due to my own payment mistake) and Omar was really lovely to deal with. Well worth the small cost, absolutely!
byzed2009, March 20, 2013
Brilliant. Took literally 20 seconds to set-up and works perfectly. Thank you!
byzed2009, March 20, 2013
Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
I used to LOVE this extension and just installed the new version after having not used it for a while. It however bunches up all my text and removes all the space so mytextnowlookslikethis. This wouldn't be a huge issue however there has been no support on this. The forum hasn't been helpful as other users have posted several times about this issue only to be left without a solution - or suggestions from other users which do not work. I then tried to register an account to post in the forums but there is no link for new registrations. Disappointed to say the least.
byzed2009, January 14, 2013
So simple, and looks/works beautifully. Thank you!
byzed2009, December 10, 2012
Proforms Basic
This extension is a complete life-saver - produces perfect forms and is packed with excellent functionalities and features, even in the free version! Especially with the latest version which allows so much customisation. Will gladly buy the Pro version when ready. Huge thanks to the developers on this, amazing work!
byzed2009, December 2, 2012
Web Fonts
This is a life-saving beauty of an extension. Adding a custom font into a Joomla template is difficult and a hassle, but with Web Fonts, it's simply a matter of browisng through the huge range of fonts, selecting what you need, and applying it where you need it. Neatly done. Props to the developers on this, and a huge thank you.
byzed2009, November 1, 2012
Site Lock
This extension is one of those very rare gems which work flawlessly, straight out of the box to provide a much-needed solution for nagging issues. I can't praise this enough.

This is especially useful when you want to show your website to only a few people while it's in development, easily and in no time! It also removes that annoying little pencil tool which shows up when you view your website in Joomla's official 'Offline Mode'! Use Site Lock instead :)
byzed2009, May 21, 2012
Major thumbs-up to the devs on this one. One of the best extensions I have downloaded over the years. It worked straight out of the box, so easy to configure and works a charm. Also lets me disable ads and copyright info without any fuss.

Professional, sleek and (still can't believe it) completely FREE!
byzed2009, April 1, 2012
Load module into article
I love an extension that works without fuss - and this is definitely one of them. A much-needed tool! It is so effective, flawless and works so easily. Thank you so much to the developers for this wonderful (life-saving) plugin!
byzed2009, April 1, 2012
This is one of my all-time favourite extensions. Why? Because it does the job in a simple yet truly effective, no-nonsense manner. I've used it in Joomla 1.5 and now in 2.5, and it is still as amazing as ever. Nothing fancy, unnecessary or buggy - just pure clean brilliance.. And it's also amazingly resistant to spam!

A huge thank you to the developers :)
byzed2009, April 1, 2012
Brilliant - I used to use a similar extension which was free, but now costs. This is actually better in that it was much cleaner to set up - took several seconds and done! Thank you for bringing this to us for FREE.. Genius :)
byzed2009, April 1, 2012
This has to be one of THE best extensions I have ever used, and truly worth the price. It works beautifully straight out of the box, looks great and works very smoothly. Love the different spam solutions too!

But what I love most about this is the ease of implementing a registration form which assigns users to a specific user group automatically - which is something Joomla 2.5 core registration tool strangely doesn't feature. This extension made it so unbelievably easy and effortless.

Well done to the developers, and a huge thank you for saving me so much misery!
byzed2009, March 31, 2012
This was such a beautiful module - easily customizable and looked brilliant with its instant real-time search results. However, it does not search powerfully enough as it doesn't work with EZ Realty component.

Further, it is extremely disappointing that the support forums are completely locked unless you pay for a subscription plan to access them. Even simply to view previous topics!

Oh well..
byzed2009, March 23, 2010
I just installed this & have fallen in love with it already! It took me 5 seconds to install & I'm already used to it as it has such a simple but very convenient interface.. Love it! Very clean & nice to look at.. thanks :)
byzed2009, December 26, 2009
i have never used such a simple but amazing extension before.. it literally took me 3 clicks to replace certain words in my articles with a small image. unbelievably easy to use.. PERFECTION.

thank you so much to the developer Peter for this fantastic extension!
byzed2009, November 5, 2009
Extra Vote
unlike the other plugin i tried out, i found this one didn't conflict with my other plugins (like simple image gallery).

it works excellently, and counts ratings without the need to refresh the page. looks nice, and displays a little thank you message when someone has voted.. cute!
byzed2009, October 16, 2009
works excellent in making your youtube playlist look more stylish.. no bugs or issues either. great work!
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