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byzigzag, December 10, 2010
SP Weather
This is the first weather module that I've found that plays nicely with my template. It looks good has plenty of options. The only minor problem that I had was that the module included some cache files found at modules/mod_sp_weather/cache which were set for another country which confused me slightly as the forecast was telling me that it's 23c while I'm shivering in -4c you can either wait a few minutes for the cache to update or manually empty the 2 xml files.

Really nice module and nicely coded.
Owner's reply

Cache file deleted. You'll not face any cache related problem anymore.


byzigzag, June 13, 2010
Very good plugin, easy to install and configure, perfect for keeping the visitor on your site instead of someone else's and probably better for SEO.
byzigzag, December 26, 2009
GK Weather
Excellent module, simple to set up and configure with plenty of advanced options too.
byzigzag, May 20, 2009
Featured Items
I would have given this module an excellent review as it's really very good however the developer has seen fit to hide a hidden link back to their own website within the source code, this link is set to 'display: none'. You will find this link hidden away in the modules folder/tmpl/default.php or you will see it if you view your page's source code.
Owner's reply

Once, many years ago, when this was a non-commercial module, it contained ONE link to my own site. It was not 'hidden away in the source code', but easy to find in the template, where anyone could delete it. I don't think that was unacceptable, it was common practice among developers at the time. It was long since removed when it became a commercial module.

JFusion is probably the best thing that's happened to Joomla, it's simple to install and integrates a variety of forum softwares from SMF to PHPBB.

JFusion is constantly worked on, updated and improved, but although there are frequent upgrades to this component it doesn't mean any extra work for you as site administrator as the JFusion component does all the work for you, it's basically just a one click update to upgrade this component to the latest version.

Support is excellent and fast and I would recommend using the JFusion component over any other forum integration solution.