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byzinia, July 30, 2014
Ji Custom Fields
This extension is just what I was looking for. I needed to add fields to a specific category and it does that very easily. If you're looking for a simple but elegant extension for adding fields to articles, this is the one to get.
byzinia, June 17, 2014
JU BlockIP
I have been plagued with hackers attempting to log into the backend and because of this the error.php log gets huge very quickly with the failed login attempts. I've had to clear the error.php at least once a week because it got so big.

Once I installed this extension all I had to do was put the hackers' IPs in the blacklist for the backend and the failed login errors stopped.
byzinia, December 24, 2012
Rentalot Plus
A very useful extension with excellent documentation and helpful support.

I had an issue that I contacted support about and they figured out the problem and responded to me quickly. The problem was occurring due to another script, not Rentalot Plus, and the fix was easy - just removing a reference to a a js file which it turned out I didn't need.

Well worth the price.
byzinia, November 4, 2012
Very simple to set up and works perfectly in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE. Opera doesn't appear to support the submenus but I can live with that.
byzinia, July 19, 2012
Simple Email Form
Simple to install, easy to use.
byzinia, March 29, 2012
Why or why didn't I try this form extension before wasting my time with several others? It is absolutely top-notch and had everything that I needed. I had used the related MadforJoomla form extension for other 1.5 sites and I didn't realise that it was from same people or I would have chosen it right away.

byzinia, December 1, 2011
Very Simple Image Gallery
Great extension. Very easy to install and use and I'm especially impressed with the well written and thorough tutorial, which is a rare thing to come by these days.
byzinia, May 21, 2008
This is exactly what's needed and it goes without saying that it should be part of the core Joomla 1.5 script.