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byzjooj, June 17, 2008
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This has been the best forum so far over and above fireboard in many ways.
I am using it in a production environment but those of you not prepared to do some MySQL digging and CSS adjusting please do not attempt it. It's a bit buggy when attempting to mess with the single default style.


-Well thought out visual design - very easy on the eyes!!
-Extremely easy to view and navigate for Newbie visitors to your forum
-Configuration is straightforward (takes a bit to learn at first but still not bad).
-several options for colors
-Install was pretty simple if you read the instructions on the site
-The developers site is very well put together with easy navigation to find what you need

Cons: (based on the fact is is still in alpha)

-Styles limited - One style is all you get and if you stray from the default you will have to do some digging (see intro paragraph above in this review) If you know your way around Joomla it shouldn't be tough to fix.

-User Sync seems a bit redundant but nothing out of the ordinary for some other forums.

-Follows the default Joomla template styles but has its own mixed in (If your site is black with white text you may not see the text in posts due to the forum having a white background) easily fixable in the CSS for your default template but still a nuisance.

All in all this is definitely one to watch closely!!