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byzluzunov, October 12, 2013
Articles Anywhere
This is the prefect extension for my needs. I was looking for years how to reuse existing articles more efficiently in Joomla. I thought that having tags will solve that problem, but having dummy articles embedding original content proved to be a better solution for me. Thank you very much for the extension! It installs easily, and works very fast. No difference between an original article and embedded one.
Quiz  Deluxe
We use Quiz Delux on our new e-learning site for short tests after each learning pathway. In the begging the administrator interface was a little bit hard to understand, but after several quizzes we got used to it.
The question upload was very useful for us, as we had to upload nearly 200 multiple choice questions. This feature should be also available for other types of questions if possible (i.e. true/false). We also appreciated the question pool option - extremely flexible!
In this project we did not use the learning path functionality of the extension, but we shall consider it for our future ones.
We had only one problem related to translation of the quiz interface, but the support answered very fast and the issue was solved in the next update.
We already upgraded our site to Joomla 3, the administrator interface of Quiz Deluxe is much more intuitive in this version.
Thank you for the update!