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byzoldar, June 26, 2014
Although not RSForms! it is a brilliant component that does what it says and makes it simple to do it in a very visual way without the need for programming. I have produced all manor of forms lately and have found it quicker and much simpler then Breezing Forms I used to us or RSForms! which might be able to produce more complex forms but no where near as easy or as simple as this piece of software. Unless you are a programmer and need very complex forms I would suggest you give this a try and their support is first class. I have had no delays with support, so not too sure what the review about support was about except that it looks like he forgot to check back in the forum.
byzoldar, June 19, 2014
Jtag Calendar
This was the easiest event calendar I have used and did exactly what it said. Was even easier to teach the customer to use through the front end. Includes other features like auto mailing of events etc making it full featured without overload.
byzoldar, June 19, 2014
JTAG Legal Pages
This component makes adding those long and dreary but required legal pages to a website a breeze. This is an excellent component that understates what it does. Like all JTag components, it is a non fuss and easy to use component with great support.
byzoldar, March 8, 2014
ACL Manager
This component offers so much more then ACL Control, allowing the cleanup of broken assets and showing a group access limitations very graphically. This will be on my basic install list from here on in. Very cheap for what you get to control and the time you save doing it.
byzoldar, December 1, 2013
I have been a long time user of Easyblog and expected the same level of component with Easysocial. I was not disappointed, I had pre purchased and upon download, was able to have a family social site up and running within half an hour. Although there are still some features coming soon, it allowing me to complete a project that I had started with Community Builder many years ago. It is easy and does what it says, another great product from the guys at StackIdeas - Well done!!!!
byzoldar, October 16, 2013
Asynchronous Google Analytics
This is one of the little plugins that you wondered how you survived without it. Easy to install and easier to use!
byzoldar, October 7, 2013
WS Portfolio - Sortable Isotope Portfolio
I was a little worried about choosing this module at first as it had review numbers and no stars showing, but it looked interesting and when I went further I found all reviews at rated it highly, not sure what was going on here with the JED?
That being said, this product was easy to install, easy to use and gave professional results without any fuss. Does what it says, VZ to the developer.
byzoldar, June 23, 2013
Little Helper
Noticed this little guy, was having problem with my .htaccess file and thought what the . This little guy does exactly what he says and more, a must load component now on all my websites first up just like Akeeba Backup Professional is a must. Would be happy to pay for this component for simplicity of use alone.
byzoldar, March 7, 2013
I had the need to list a large amount of business and the ability to find by category as well as name. I found this on the Jed and looked at it. After playing with the Demo it seemed exactly what I needed.
It was easy to install and comes with its own control panel allowing easy entry. I did have some teething problems but the support from George could not of been more helpful or responsive. Although in different timezones, I could post a question and have the answer the next morning. There was a new update due out which George sent to me as it addressed some of my issues prior to its general release the following week. I love this component and will be using more products from these guys. Worth every cent I paid for it!!!
byzoldar, November 17, 2012
Akeeba Backup
This product has become an integral part of my base site components and will not build a site without it now. I am ordering the commercial version as I have used this free for long enough. This programmer needs a medal for the amount of time put in on this over the years. Don't only review this product but if like me you use it on more then one site, buy the commercial version and support the programmer.
byzoldar, April 9, 2012
I wish all extensions were this easy to use. It did what it said when it said. Easy install, got codes, set in config and we were away. Perfect!
byzoldar, April 1, 2012
Opening Hours
I wanted something simple and this module gave me a complete task that saves me time and that I can reuse, and it was simple to set up. I purchased my license and am happy with my results. If you want a module that you can reuse without paying over and over for to show your hours of opening then this is it!
byzoldar, December 30, 2011
I found Easyblog easy to install and configure. I had used more expensive blogging components before and always had trouble setting them up to the look and feel of my site. Not only is this extension easy to use, but the support is unbelievable!!! Minutes after submitting a ticket or asking for help on the forum, someone has replied and work through the problem until you are satisfied, what more could you ask for? Use this and you will never look at another blog extension.
byzoldar, December 29, 2010
Rapid Contact
I was looking for a contact form to insert into a project when I came across this component. It is rapid by name and rapid by nature :) Website support is great with forums and samples. I had a question for the site and so sent an email which was answered within a day, this alone was amazing.