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byzoomlanski, May 1, 2011
Brilliant, Creative, Simple to use, Inventive, Easy to Assign Different page icons. Users ensure most current version of RoknavMenus for 1.6 if using RT templates. J.16 Auto updater may not recognize need for template/template extensions updates or this extension update.

Thank you for your time developing this extension.
byzoomlanski, February 19, 2011
Had tried other countdowns, but they never did look right or work cleanly. Functioned properly from the install.

Adjusting text sizes might be a helpful additive. Well done to the developers.
byzoomlanski, February 4, 2011
Account Expiration Control
I had a duct tape Jomsocial, CB Registration, CB Subs site.

After staring off with CB and CBSubs it was one issue after another. CB has gotten too big for its britches, costing more and more with vague forum respones and challenging plugins and configurations.

AEC is a prayers answer. It is worth the money, out of the box solution to integrate Jomsocial Membership Registration Sites with a responsive Developer who believes and supports their product.

Tim "The AEC Convert"
byzoomlanski, January 7, 2011
Cache Cleaner
Very effective. Must for site developer.

With the plugin parameters that clean the cache at either intervals or with save/apply, makes it ideal.
byzoomlanski, December 29, 2010
Event Booking
Event Booking is a useful, versatile, user friendly, simple component that does what it says it will do.

The developer is awesome. Supportive, creative, helpful and attentive... what I wish every developer should be to support their product.

After struggling with CIVICRM event managment, this saved my bacon.

Happy New Year Event Booking!
Looking forward to 2011!
byzoomlanski, July 24, 2010
My Events
Easy to configure, simple set up, looks good.
Worth 5 dollars? Yes for displaying your events.

Agreed, it'd be good as a core application but it is appreciated to see other developers contribute talent. Joomla is a collaboration project with the power of Open Source. A fair price for a fair product.

Good job to the developer.
I was a follower of the other ACL extension until I tried Jomsocial for some projects. With its easy Facebook Integration, it was the obvious choice to move platforms. Continued development and support is awesome. Other ACL programs are good for marketing based sites, Jomsocial is the obvious choice for community-based (social networking) Joomla sites.
byzoomlanski, July 1, 2010
AcyMailing Starter
Absolutely worth the money!
Continued development is excellent.
byzoomlanski, June 26, 2010
Agreed - follow the WIKI instructions especially the prerquistes to ensure your host will support Joomdle bridge. Clearly written, easy to install, worked like charm. I appreicate Open source tatlent of this calibre. Thank you.
Simple MP3 Player
Awesome, customizable, very well planned.

Future hope: add 'cookie' setting so if people return to the same page the music sample won't start again & again till cookie expires
byzoomlanski, March 29, 2010
A must for international and business websites to ensure broad customer base.

Well done on this concept.
byzoomlanski, January 24, 2010
Helped in everyway. Great support. Valuable tool. Great continuous development.
byzoomlanski, December 15, 2009
Akeeba Backup
Thank you to people who develop these extensions. The instructions were awesome, thorough and easy. It worked as stated with minimal time.

A-Must-Definite-Download for users to backup your site and data!
byzoomlanski, December 1, 2009
Stumbled upon Fabrik and thought I'd give it a try! Amazing! Awesome! Ingenious!

I struggled with other extensions that are supposed to do what Fabrik does, but nothing even comes close.

Tutorials are unbelievable, thorough, accurate and simple.

Thank you for your time and effort in development of this extension.
byzoomlanski, November 9, 2009
Great module. I need something to display a work Paramedic rotating work schedule and this met my needs perfectly. Willing to pay for other extension components. Well done. Thank you for the versatility. One option needed, mini-calendars displayed side-by-side or on-top-off-eachother.
byzoomlanski, November 9, 2009
Much needed and great usage. Had little trouble figuring it out, but once it was running, worked perfectly. Thank you for this.