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byzorroh, December 20, 2013
working, but... this plugin isnt responsive, so because that this plugin useless for smaller screens
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. That's good idea about responsive design. We'll add it in the next version.

byzorroh, December 20, 2013
Easy Embed Video
Working well on pc or on mobile, but it isnt responsive.. so, it isnt usuable for mobile devices because lack of responsiveness.
I'm using Ohanah 2 about 1 and half year for my magazine site.

Themeing or make any customization isnt easy. Predesigned nice buttons and boxes dont work with any template framework. Their Demo is done with rockettheme and if you use rockettheme, then you will be safe. They have support for other templates frameworks but in reality it dosent work.

Support is so-so.. sometimes they answering fast and solving your problem but sometimes not..and sometimes they just close your support request and you must start again to ask same thing.

Be aware that good looking events map can disappear after any update. You will faceing with javascript and jquery conflicts. Most problematic feature is events map.

So far there is no multiple prices options for events.

Please investigate what you will buy, because you can get suprised. My first suprise was after buying it that there wasent frontend management for events.. when users started to complain then they did it 6 months later. This is just one example.

If everyting works then it is ok to use it, Ohanah looks good and it is easy to add events. But again, sometimes update can cause jquery or javascript problems and you cant add events.

So most of the times it works, but be prepare for suprises.

If there is any another good events management then i would quit ohanah.
byzorroh, January 17, 2012
Best way to embed picasaweb in to your Joomla site!

You can even merge multiple picasa accounts in to one big gallery!

And really-really fast support or suggestions responses!

I am amazed!
byzorroh, March 8, 2010
Content Optimizer
i like idea of this plugin and i want to use it, but this plugin cant handle slashes. Thing is that when you pick photo with content editor then automatically comes slash before picture path (/image/stories/picture.jpg)... and it is nonsens that i must edit all articles and remove that slash from articles what my community adding to the portal.