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byzorroson, April 11, 2014
JU Content Scroller
This module is really really great, and both presales- as well as postsales support has been outstanding.

Both JU Content Scroller and gets my warmest recommendation, and has now ended up on my personal list of favourites, when looking for extensions to my customers sites!
Multi Sites
If you plan to have multiple sites running on the same domain, then you really really need this extension to make your life easier!

Granted - this extension is not a "install and forget" kinda thing - but neither is having 50+ sites running on the same shared Joomla code. But if you make the effort, and read the manual to know how to use it correctly, you will find it is really worth it and save yourself a lot of time.

Support is excellent - both in the forums and the paid assistance.

Can't say enough good about the extension and the developer, and feel sorry for those who do not bother to check out the requirements before buying and complaining.
byzorroson, June 9, 2013
This plugin is simply brilliant, and the support from the developer trying to debug and solve a found bug/issue, has been one of the most dedicated experiences I've ever seen on a free plugin.

I'd really like to urge all users of this plugin, to submit a donation to the developer - big or small, anything counts!
Owner's reply

As hard as I try, I cannot possibly think of every use case and environment. It takes bug reports from users to make extensions reliable and robust.

I know that many sites rely on AdminExile for protection and that's not a responsibility I take lightly. Submit your bug reports and I'll give them the attention they deserve!

Thanks for the great review!

byzorroson, May 2, 2013
jQuery Easy
This plugin is a true lifesaver, for people without skills or powers to debug and solve Jquery conflicts.

I have used it for solving problems on various sites, and latest to solve a conflict between FitVids and GCalendar.

Thank you so much for developing this - it ought to be build in the Joomla core!
Owner's reply

You are welcome, thanks for the review, I do appreciate it. I don't know if this should be part of the Joomla core, but there is definitely something to do (like jQuery coding conventions or best practices) to attune jQuery development under this framework.

byzorroson, December 7, 2011
Simple File Upload
This module deserves all the credit it can get!

Packed with features, 100% functional and easy customizable through CSS, it is a winner in the category!

I would really recommend every user of the module, to donate the developper, to inspire him to keep up the good work!
Allthough I have been a big fan of xmap, I have to say that the released ver. 2.0 for J1.6+ does seem to have some issues with the xml sitemap format.

Like others I have really struggled, and have now come to the point where I have to abandon xmap and try other options, as registering in Google Webmaster Tools is essential to my site.

But I'll keep an eye on the product and come back when issues have been solved ;)

By the way - if you just need a html sitemap to please your users, Xmap 2.0 is an excellent choice!
byzorroson, April 14, 2011
Works first time, and option to style logo/image on print page, is kewl!

Future suggestion: Would be cool if you could expand with option to display image at the bottom as well - and perhaps even different images at the top and the bottom at the same time!

Great work!