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byzylernjax, July 22, 2012
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Easy Frontend SEO
After failing two times (and spending $25 each time) with Simple SEO, I found this wonderful, amazing, simple, STABLE, plugin.

Do not, and I repeat, do not waste your money with SMART SEO. They claim it's 2.5 stable but it will not work. This plugin was so easy to install. All you do is go to plugin-manager, choose which level of user can use it, enter the user ID, publish and see it on the front page.

It even changes the generator tag! I had to use a seperate extension for that. This is amazing. I am donating for this wonderful extension. Please.. please continue to update it. Heck, you can even charge $15-$20 and I'd pay for it again. Just as long as you continue to update it (unlike Smart SEO).

5/5 Stars. Works and it's free... wow.
Owner's reply

Very nice review. Thank you!

I'm going to update the plugin soon with a new feature for the article component (com_content):

EFSEO will generate the description and keywords automatically from the loaded article! :-)

byzylernjax, December 27, 2011
I am blown away. I struggled for days trying to find some type of software that would allow me to list my services on my website and have a user pay through paypal. I mean, it's 2011 - one would think this would be a common extension.

I run a web design company and I wanted a way to display certain services and packages that I offer. I looked into RSMembers, but their pre-sales advertisment didn't really show me what their software really had in store. The demo page needed you to go through about 5 registration steps so I said screw that.

I looked into a subscription addon for community builder, but CB is one hunk of crap to be honest, and I wasn't about to fork over $100 for an addon based upon a platform that is bloated and riddled with horrible issues. That's when I found Jpayplans. Oh my gosh.

I'm not sure if it was the excellent reviews listed here in JED or the cool sales intro on Jpayplans website that got me, but I purchased this baby. The same night I sent my order off, their was a small issue with my registration. It was 4:00AM Christmas morning, and guess what? In 20 minutes the support team emailed me back and fixed my issue. Can you freaking believe that?

This software is amazing. It's a tad bit confusion to set up simply because it has so much to offer in the dashboard area. However, it is simply laid out and the way it displays plans/pricing and integrates your users to checkout through paypal is amazing. Totally worth the $150. Totally.

10/10. Thanks for this amazing software.