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by~ O ~, October 26, 2012
This extension falls into the category of, "I didn't realize I needed all of that functionality, until I actually had it." First of all, I am a RTFM person. Prior to making my purchase, I read the entire MediaShop manual. It was so simple to get it up and running in minutes. What really sold me on this extension was the advanced grouping options combined with the ability to have multiple pricing structures. If I had to describe my needs to a developer, those would not have made the list. But now that I have those options, I can't imagine selling without them.

I did have occasion to contact the developer, to ask a question. The developer was prompt and courteous as he gave me step by step instructions to resolve my issue. Upon reading the resolution steps, I realized that the issue did not lay with the extension, but with my limited knowledge of Joomla! He could have easily directed me to a Joomla! forum to find the answers, but he cared enough to go above and beyond to assist me with the answer anyway. For that, I will be eternally grateful and a loyal customer. Thank you.