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Shape 5 Domain Checker Module

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The S5 Domain Chcecker module is a FREE module that you can add to any Joomla site. This module provides your customers a quick and easy way to see if a domain is available to be purchased or if someone else already owns the domain. There are over a dozen domains to search from and in the administration you can choose which ones show and which ones do not show. Along with that you can choose to redirect your visitors to a new page on page submit.

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Reviews: 7
As one other reviewer already mentioned.. this extension seems to do the standard .com, .net, .org domains, but not .ca.

Pity :(
Reviews: 22
PROS: Does what it claims.

CONS: Does not work properly anymore with so many TLDs out there today. Direly needs updating or removed from the extensions listing.
Reviews: 2
Works great for most generic domains but fails to work accurately for specific ones like ".ca". They seem to all appear as "Taken"
Reviews: 5
I am using this for a client of mine who wanted to give their visitors the change to check domainnames. And from all the extensions out there is this simply the best. Shape5 Thanks for this great extension. When you need a domain checker then don't look further, just download and see for yourself how easy this extension is.

***** installation
***** user friendly
***** interface
*** design
Reviews: 2
This really is almost exactly what I was looking for. It is simple to implement and configure. It has many different domain extension options. For South Africans, it does not have - someone posted on the creators website that it does, but it does not. If you don't need this then this extension is otherwise highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
Love this Mod, very simple and looks great! etc not supported but I am determined to get it working with other domains and post the solution in the Authors forums.
Reviews: 6
This is such a nice little module, it's a dream to modify to your own purposes. Very easy to customise, for example add WHOIS servers for availability checks on other domain name extensions (by editing the simple and straightforward code)

This is a module so frontend interaction is from a module position - not main content area.

Joomla 1.6 version available (free).

Unlike some other similar tools no obfuscated code. Thank you Shape5.
Reviews: 1
I've had a few plugins that were hard to install or that needed to much configuration, this plugin is easy to install, easy configurable and works perfectly.
Reviews: 4
Any chance of adding,,,,,,, .me and ?? Please ?? Otherwise it's great !!
Reviews: 1
easy to install and user friendly.
Reviews: 3
This is a nice little tool that is very easy to install and has a nice look and feel. You can choose a list of domain extensions (.eu, .net, .us, etc.) to include in the checker. However, I checked some of the results the module returns against the official domain checker ( and, unfortunately, some of the results did not match. For example, the module returned my own domain as "available". So, be sure to verify the results.
Reviews: 1
I am new to Joomla! and was not sure about extensions. After trying several, this one installed and works with no issues at all. I tried a few more from the same developer and all installed with no problems.
Reviews: 2
Strangely I am the first to review this module... It's a simple and great domain checker, exactly what I needed for my new site.