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OS PDF Indexer ComponentPlugin

OS PDF Indexer is a Joomla 1.5, 2.5, 3.x native extension developed by Ossolution Team to allow indexing and searching base on content of pdf documents of your Joomla site.

Features :

1. Indexing pdf documents and save content of these documents into database for searching. These documents can be uploaded to different directories .
2. Indexing all documents stored in a folder and all it's sub-folders within one click. This will save time for you incase you have many documents stored in different folders.
3. Searching indexed documents via Joomla standard search .
4. Scan for deleted documents and delete them from indexed database .
5 . Automatic indexer plugin which index documents automatically. You can simply upload your documents via FTP and then the system will index these uploaded documents automatically.
6. Integrated with popular download extensions : Docman, EDocman
- Allow indexing PDF documents stored by these extensions.
- Allow searching for documents based on indexed content via standard search function of these components.
6. The extension can also be used to index word documents. However, because of limitation of the Word Indexer library which I am using, there are still problems with word documents content special character. I will try to find a better library and add it to next versions of the extension to improve indexing word documents feature

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I have to search words on some docman documents, i already index this documents with docindexer but when i use the search engine of docman it couldn't find anymore...

What does it mean : Allow searching based on content of indexed documents in docman standard search (this require add one line of code into a file in docman), what is the line to modify to docindexer works ?!?

Owner's reply


I am sorry for lack of document in previous version. Please go to my site to download the updated version which I just released today (with many new improvements), you will see a readme file which guide you how to make it works with Docman (and some other popular download extensions like JDownloads and Remository) .

Ossolution Team

Reviews: 13
This did exactly what I needed it to. Processed large batches of pdf's without a glitch and then, without any further action, my rok ajax search is giving me results based on word and pdf document content. I wish that I could get it to index documents stored on other sites to avoid my having to copy and store them locally, but hey - maybe in in a later version!
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