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DM Articles Filter ComponentModule

DM Articles Filter is a component that lets your visitors filter articles by category, title, text, date. Results are displayed in a list of articles linked (with SEF urls) to their content.

The power of DM Articles Filter is customization: you can choose which user level is needed to see the filters (for instance, you can decide to let everyone filter by category, but only registered users to search by data). In addition, you can customize the results' appearance (displaying or hiding the articles' date/image/author).

You can choose to limit results to a particular category, and decide which filters are available and which not.

- Filter Joomla content by category, title, text, date;
- Set access level needed to use each filter;
- Show articles' creation date/image/author;
- CSS-based appearance: easy to configure;

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Reviews: 1
I had no problem in installing and using this extension in my websites and when i asked support team for modification i received quick and satisfactory answers!
Reviews: 2
Form excellent, I had problems with the insertion of the module, but it was all sorted. Now it works perfectly!
I recommend this form of research is very useful.
Reviews: 1
DM Articles Filter is a no-fuss extension that you'll have working in minutes. We needed some minor customisation, this was done immediately by Quirky Fox's professional, friendly team. We highly recommend this developer.
Reviews: 2
After looking at several options, I chose to use this article filter for my site. I had some initial formatting issues, but they were dealt with in a professional and timely manner. I am also able to customize to make this work well with my site. Great Job!
Reviews: 8
I installed this component on a J3.2 site. Installation was easy, configuring straight-forward. This is a solution which looks great on the page. Simple for the visitor to get relevant results -- that obviously means it's had some proper planning & coding to make it work and look so neat & tidy. I asked for support and received prompt attention from Andrea with 100% satisfaction. Can be implemented as a menu item or within a module position, so very flexible. Very happy with this, good value.
Reviews: 4
I have installed this component on both Joomla 2.5 and 3.2. Their support is amazing, very fast, and thorough. Andrea addressed all of the items I noted, not only providing an immediate solution, but also added a requested update to the software. Clearly Quirky Fox Labs seeks to support their customers and provide continuous updates for their line of products. This is by far one of the most well supported extensions I have ever purchased. Easy to install, and works great!
Reviews: 24
To my knowledge, this is the only way to have a category selective search or filtering by terms, category and date for the archived articles (Joomla archived system).

In fact you can choose to filter all combinations of articles (Archived or not, or both...) and included/excluded whatever you want (categories & more...). Great Flexibility...

The support was simply stellar. They patiently answers all my questions, solved any problems that I encounter and even update their extension to answer specific needs that they find important to add to their extensions. Bravo!
Reviews: 4
A very good component to filter and search in all articles. It is very easy to install and to use. And if there is an issue, there is the excellent support.
Reviews: 8
I had to leave a comment for this great component. What counts most for me is the excellent support I received from Andrea who very patiently answered all my inquiries in a professional manner. Greatly recommend this component and all the extensions from these developers.
Reviews: 1
We needed this comp for a big client of ours, mistakes not allowed. The extension worked well, however we had some very specific questions about it. The support was fast and efficient. We are in contact with many developers, tried many extensions, but DM Team (with Anas) made a big impression. If every Joomla dev-team could work like them, many inconvenience and time would be spared for the most of us.

Btw they have friendly prices, esp. with the "Pack", and they regularly upgrading their products.

Totally satisfied, can only recommend it!

Beke Zoltan
Reviews: 18
Great component! I just installed and had it working in a few minutes, a documentation file on how to set it up would make it perfect and even easier ;)

grazzie to the developer!
Reviews: 1
Amazing Extension and is now FULLY compatible with Joomfish. The support took a while but it was excelent. I used this extension so that my visitors can search for an article ("in my case an event") by date. No other extension does this!! THANKS
Reviews: 5
This is the only component for letting website visitors search and display articles in a list format by searching Meta Keyword contents. Believe me, I looked for a long time.

Support with this component was excellent. Had some small cross-browser compatibility issues which were fixed very quickly, and email response time was very fast!