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Universal AJAX Live Search ComponentModulePlugin

This search extension dramatically change your concept about the search modules. Professional design, real-time working and much more performance than you have ever seen on websites. Searching for an article or product never was so easy with this search module. Impress your visitors with the clean design and increase your site usability!
The Live Search has 4 fully customizable theme within many predefined skins and settings:

➤ Flat Theme
The Flat Theme of the Universal AJAX Live Search also gives you a user friendly interface, within the simplest responsive design and finest animations, ever!

➤ Minimal Theme
Select the most suitable skin, what totally fit to your template, or create custom ones. Whichever you choose, the result of the setting will be a well-designed search module. We recommend this theme if you would like to search in galleries, or sites, where the images are in the focus.

➤ Elegant Theme
Elegant Theme represent the discreet visualization of the Live Search. With many options it can make similar to your existing modules and can fit to your site. Searchbox is extremely important on websites, this theme won't make you disappointed.

➤ Simple Theme
This theme has the most clean design. Simple enter a search keyword, and the results will appear under the search box. Suitable for company sites, where there are only 2 or 3 main colors in the template. Check the live demo: Simple Theme Demo.

➤ Why does it better than the default search module?
The most important fact is the speed. Nowadays everyone knows and used the Google every day to get the most relevant information in a few seconds. People need relevant content in a short time. A Search Module is the most common part of a good website, so you need the best of them! Keyword suggestion is also included, what also can helps for users to start search.

➤ Which Joomla versions are supported?
Joomla! 1.5
Joomla! 2.5
Joomla! 3.x

➤ What search results can it show? Why is it universal?
This module can show the search results from the most of search plugins which can be installed to Joomla. Many of them has an improved version developed by us, to also show images in the result list.

➤ Supported 3rd-party components:
K2 - fully supported by Live Search
EasySocial - fully supported by Live Search
VirtueMart 1.1 & 2.x and many other webshop components - fully supported by Live Search
JReviews - fully supported by Live Search
Zoo - fully supported by Live Search
Ozio Gallery - fully supported by Live Search
Ignite Gallery - fully supported by Live Search
Phoca Gallery - fully supported by Live Search
Jomsocial - fully supported by Live Search
Community Builder - fully supported by Live Search
EasyBlog - fully supported by Live Search
and a lot more!

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Reviews: 1
Excellent extension and support! Thank you!
It's a Samson from Yerevan, Armenia.
I bought this extension a few month ago, however, I'm write my review now.
This is a super extension! It works fine in a my 2 sites.
Offlajn company provides very good support. Big thank to Jenő Kovács and others in their team for helping me with a integration process in my site.
I will forever do bussines with this firm!

Best Regards,
Samson Tumanyan, Yerevan, Armenia
Reviews: 2
To let you know, I'm new to Joomla, and I'm only an explorer right now. I was need a search plugin for my site, check the JED, and found the Live Search. After the purchase, it has worked out of the box. I have never used my menu anymore since it is installed, because it is fast, and always show the relevant results. Higly recommend!
Reviews: 2
I admit I was drawn to this by the eye candy in the demo but when I found out it worked with Mijoshop. I took the plunge and bought the extension. I'm so glad I did. It works right out the box with an array of design options to aid in the search fitting with the design of your site. But the best part is not an excellent looking, working live search. No it's the support which goes above and beyond anything I've previously had from other commercial plugins. The developer is very approachable, friendly, helpful, patient, and importantly curious to get feedback from you to make his plugin better. Not just for the wider community but for you. Quite extraordinary. I highly recommend this.
Reviews: 1
Extension is awesome. The support is also very helpful. They answered all my questions and helped resolve all of my issues! Very impressed!!!
Reviews: 11
I had some problems and they helped me out good and fast.

Nice work guys and keep developing!
Reviews: 4
The new version of the search works flawlessly across all versions of joomla 1.5-3.0

The support is great. I had 3-4 questions taht were instantly answered.

I can't recommend this product enough!
Reviews: 9
Great extension - an issue I had with it was sorted out rapidly by the devs. Excellent support.
Reviews: 2
Great extension and extraordinary support.
I do recommend to everybody
Reviews: 2
its a simple but very good and useful extension. It works just fine. Did not face any problem while installing it into my website.
Reviews: 1
Quite simply this search extension has it all, great features, easy to use and it hooks into lots of e-commerce software, ours being Hikashop.

So we thought the product was great but we found something even better! The support we had a problem and within a couple of hours they had resolved it.

This really is a perfect extension! Keep up the good work.


P.S. I read the "Tooooo Slow" review and agree its not the extension our installations work very quickly.
Reviews: 2
This is one of the best module i've seen for Virtuemart. Been using it since v1.1.x and i'm absolutely in love with it.

However, the best part about Offlajn, are the people behind those awesome Joomla candys. Fast and proffesional support in every single problem i had with any module i bought from there.

Keep up the good 100% proffesional work ;>
Reviews: 6
I'll start off by stating that it's not perfect. I've encountered numerous bugs over the course of using this extension and the settings are so extensive that it can be daunting and hard to figure out what goes where, but...

The support has been extraordinary. Every time I've found a bug or had a question, they get back to me with a solution, usually within a few hours.

But what makes this a must-have on my sites is how gorgeous and functional the results are. I have literally stared building sites around this new search feature, where I've made Universal search a primary form of navigation.

My clients and their visitors go nuts over the minimal theme. I've never seen anything else like it on Joomla or any CMS. For front-end eye candy goodness, this was easily the best money I've ever spent on an extension. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
I was in the process of trying to fix another designer's site and ran into great difficulty getting their search functionality to work. After purchasing and installing AJAX Live Search from the Offlajn Store I was still having a small problem with broken images. Their support was prompt and they resolved my problem in very little time. I have no problem with the speed at which the search takes place. I love the feature that I can specify what is searched which in my case needs to be gallery images alone. Thanks Jeno!
Reviews: 2
I bough this extension as it says that it works fine with Hikashop but it doesn't. The page loading is tooo slow. I asked the support and they said that I have too much indent categories which causes the slowness. Sorry but this is not acceptable for a commercial product.

Can't recommend it.
Owner's reply

Dear Henderson,
As you write in your review, your page loading time is too slow, which means that your database server serves the queries really slow. On this problem a well-built AJAX-base system won't be able to help.
As you know, the live search uses the search plugins to show the results which comes from the component developer.
Otherwise we have a lot of satisfied customers who uses Universal AJAX Live Search on HikaShop.

Best regards
Janos Biro
Offlajn store

Reviews: 1
This is the best search engine. Very fast and good support. well worth the price. I recommend to everyone. Thank you!
Reviews: 6
Very fast (the extension as well as technical support), easy to set up, a lot of features, universality. It would be nice to improve the extension by adding some features concerning Virtuemart, but generally Universal AJAX Live Search is REALLY very good search engine.
Reviews: 1
Firstly, as with most joomla extensions, it was a breeze to install. Even easier to configure. I needed a special edit to display category images in search results, and Jeno took care of it same day. That my friends is great tech support. Styling is a breeze as well, there is a whole tab in configuration dedicated to styling the module. so no css editing required, but if you find you need more than is available it still has the module class available. great extension, great support!
Reviews: 2
I have bought this module and it was functioning excellent on a complex joomla 3.1 site.
Even though documentation is a little weak, you can configure everything, because it is clear and logically ordered.
There are tons of parameter that can (not must) be configured in the back end to meet your expectations and your site layout.
There are two modules, the AJAX search for itself and a search result module.
Combining both on a pseudo article page gives your site an astonishing search page with fabulous design capabilities.
The actual version does not support language files but I got an answer for a question where to find the place with the only two hardcoded words within 7 ! Minutes. This is quick.
There is a ticket request button in the backend at the module config page. This is a very good idea, since you mostly want to access the support when you are configuring something.
It is definitely worth to spend the 25EUR.
Thumbs up!
Reviews: 5
I bought this extension a few days back because the old AJAX search extension I used had a problem with https. When I visited the site I felt in love just the way how these guys prentate their extension...

And I did not even see their extensions at that time.

Back to this extension, I love the feature of disabling the enter key and search function (disabling the standard Joomla search) as an parameter option, just great!!!

Also the way you can tweak the looks in the module manager is Beautyfull, great job guys!!!

I'm sure they will have a great future awaiting.

I'm too busy at this moment finishing a webshop too buy more extensions but only a fool would ignore them...

You will be hearing from me shortly, GREAT SHOW!!!

Reviews: 1
Superb extension used on an image heavy site. Performs superbly after some fabulous help from the developer in getting it to work just how I needed it. Worth every penny in my opinion!
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