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Universal AJAX Live Search ComponentModulePlugin

This search extension dramatically change your concept about the search modules. Professional design, real-time working and much more performance than you have ever seen on websites. Searching for an article or product never was so easy with this search module. Impress your visitors with the clean design and increase your site usability!
The Live Search has 4 fully customizable theme within many predefined skins and settings:

➤ Flat Theme
The Flat Theme of the Universal AJAX Live Search also gives you a user friendly interface, within the simplest responsive design and finest animations, ever!

➤ Minimal Theme
Select the most suitable skin, what totally fit to your template, or create custom ones. Whichever you choose, the result of the setting will be a well-designed search module. We recommend this theme if you would like to search in galleries, or sites, where the images are in the focus.

➤ Elegant Theme
Elegant Theme represent the discreet visualization of the Live Search. With many options it can make similar to your existing modules and can fit to your site. Searchbox is extremely important on websites, this theme won't make you disappointed.

➤ Simple Theme
This theme has the most clean design. Simple enter a search keyword, and the results will appear under the search box. Suitable for company sites, where there are only 2 or 3 main colors in the template. Check the live demo: Simple Theme Demo.

➤ Why does it better than the default search module?
The most important fact is the speed. Nowadays everyone knows and used the Google every day to get the most relevant information in a few seconds. People need relevant content in a short time. A Search Module is the most common part of a good website, so you need the best of them! Keyword suggestion is also included, what also can helps for users to start search.

➤ Which Joomla versions are supported?
Joomla! 1.5
Joomla! 2.5
Joomla! 3.x

➤ What search results can it show? Why is it universal?
This module can show the search results from the most of search plugins which can be installed to Joomla. Many of them has an improved version developed by us, to also show images in the result list.

➤ Supported 3rd-party components:
K2 - fully supported by Live Search
EasySocial - fully supported by Live Search
VirtueMart 1.1 & 2.x and many other webshop components - fully supported by Live Search
JReviews - fully supported by Live Search
Zoo - fully supported by Live Search
Ozio Gallery - fully supported by Live Search
Ignite Gallery - fully supported by Live Search
Phoca Gallery - fully supported by Live Search
Jomsocial - fully supported by Live Search
Community Builder - fully supported by Live Search
EasyBlog - fully supported by Live Search
and a lot more!

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Reviews: 3
This extension is simple awesome! It worths absolutely the money! The best in category! It does exactly what is supposed with the best way! Easy to customize with awesome view!And the support team is great! Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 5
Great product: intuitive, does what it is supposed to do, and is super customisable.

Best of all, though, is the service. Unlike some other developers who can be quite short with you when you request support (not mentioning any names, but am thinking of a certain Dutch developer who has loads of extensions listed on the JED), these guys are always really friendly and take time to provide clear and comprehensive replies.
Reviews: 3
I purchased this product because I thought it offered something that other search programs didn't. I did have some issues regarding the operation of this product, but they turned out to be a result of my Joomla configuration, not this product. I also had some styling issues, but the support I received was timely, responsive, extremely helpful, and very friendly. I now have a search component that is very attractive and very efficient - and one that is way above the run-of-the-mill search components currently on the market. Nice Job, and thanks.
Reviews: 6
I love the way it shows results. works fine with Easyblog, and shows images & results properly. I also like the fact i can force the module to search only on Easyblog, and not on joomla's content.

However ! If you need the plugin to make it works on Easyblog, you must download it from stackideas website (People who made Easyblog). You'll not find it on offlajn's website, and it can be confusing.
Reviews: 1
As the title and a couple of users stated here, this extension is not general (universal) as it works just with a couple/few of Joomla components.

The support is also lacking, it takes a couple of days to get a reply.
Owner's reply

Dear Whanford,
We also try to answer to our customers in the shortest time on the business days. As you know, the Live Search use the search plugins to show the result list. We have many improved search plugins what can show the images next to the result list for several components. If an improved search plugin is not available the customers can ask via our support system to develop it.

Best Regards,
Janos Biro
Offlajn store

Reviews: 2
After watching a quite impressive demo of the live search module I asked the developer if there was a Cobalt 8 plugin available that also supported images. They responded that there wasn't, but they would optimize the current Cobalt/Joomla search plugin on my development site after I purchased their live search module. So I did and they kept their word. Not only did they optimize the Cobalt plugin within a week but they also sorted out some minor bugs soon after. Needless to say that I am very happy with this fantastic module and the great support Jenő has offered!
Reviews: 5
"Excellent" for the support team for helping me on installing the extension, and the extension also works great.
Reviews: 2
I have installed the universal ajax live search in one of my portals 100% based in k2. After installing the search box did not work well, then I went to support and they solved inmediately my problem. Now, my site looks more professional and conveys this feeling to the visitor.
If your site is important to you, you have to give him the best, and certainly, a good search box can make the difference between your website and the competence.
I am very satisfied with this extension and would highly recommend them.
Reviews: 3
Both speedy support staffs and indeed great search component for sites of various sizes and models.
Reviews: 18
Awesome extension, well done; my clients are very happy and surprised how nice it looks and how useful it is. Thats the reason for my rating. On the other hand its important to know, that this extension runs on Dojo, so it ads a (mostly) third js-Libary to your website. It also loads Google Fonts (in my case an outdated font) and its a little hidden, where to switch that (5-6 times :) ) off. And it seems to have an extensive caching, that you cannot control via interface; it adds an changing digit when you install it to its main css-classes - useful to know that before you customize it. I tested it successful on Joomla-Content, Virtuemart 2 and K2. Works perfect with all (goes with the Core-Search, so all the Plugins - also for the extensions - have to be enabled.)
Reviews: 1
This extention is not useful for k2 joomla3. Can not limit search in a specific category or group of category. K2 items created for menu are also displayed under search results.
I have created support ticket twice, but no reply. Not recommended if you are using K2 Joomla
Owner's reply

Dear Kevin,
The Live Search uses the search plugins, to show the result list. These search plugins from the 3rd party developers as your components. If these developers don't build a function to the search plugins - in this case the category exclusion - it is not a bug or mistake of the Live Search. We have many improved plugins, what contains many more features, and based on the original ones. If a customer need a feature, just write a support ticket, and we will help as always. This is how it has been worked many times.
We haven't found your support ticket. Please send your ticket number to info[at], and we will help you immediately.

Best Regards
Janos Biro
Offlajn Store

Reviews: 4
Great module, BUT there is no language option... It cant be translated. This module is not usefull in multilanguage sites
Owner's reply

Dear servlet,
As you know from Joomla 2.5 you can create your modules for all available languages, then set the language options for the actual one. All of the text what the user can see on the frontend can be customize from the module manager. So it is translatable, and many statisfied customer use it on multilingual sites.

Best regards
Janos Biro
Offlajn Store

Reviews: 15
The support was kind, fast and willing to include new functinality I needed.
Reviews: 1
This is great add-on for each Joomla site, especially with a bigger number of articles or products. Plugins which offer search results with images are delivering professional look to my site. The only issue I found is lack of upgrades for plugins. Most of them is outdated and doesn't install on Joomla 2.5/3
Reviews: 2
Great module, like all the others. I have installed many modules produced by this company, all done well. Technical support is efficient and accurate!
Reviews: 1
I bought this module a few days ago, and I must say that it is awesome. Very customisable, very good at what it does. I needed help getting the images to work with ZOO items' Teaser Image and Jenő very efficiently did it for me. I would strongly recommend this module.
Reviews: 2
I really like universal ajax live search.

I use it for my virtuemart store ( 9000 products ) and I like the popunder that gives you the results as you type.

It has a nice interface, blends with the template very nicely, and is 10000% customiseable.

The only downside could be that it's a bit harsh on the server load with the live function it has, and that it doesn't display out of stock products when you search for them as an administrator.

Overall, it is a GREAT extension, and its price is very good too!
Owner's reply

Dear Bill,
thank you for your review!
As you can see on our site there is a Support system, where you can ask questions about the products.
If you make a ticket there, we can help you to find this not Universal AJAX Live Search related setting. I think it will be a Virtuemart option.

Best regards
Janos Biro
Offlajn store

Reviews: 13
Only costs $20 and a very quick support response as I had a clash with JCH-Optimize. The images are an added bonus and noticed from a previous comment you can now disable the magnifying glass if you want to.
Thanks Great Extension
Reviews: 3
Its not cheap, for just a search module. But worth the price, no doubt. A lot of things to adjust, so you can configure it really as you like. Works great when you use the direct response. A list of found records is there within a second or two. If an image is present in the article it is used in the display. Very cool. Glad I bought it.
The only thing I miss is the ability to remove the search button, if you want to go for a full direct search. Made it white on white with no image, so its not visible, but would like to disable it completely.
Reviews: 10
This is a perfect product for my web. the search engine is very nice and work perfcet.

Also the support is in the best level. They help me fast in some modfication for me web.

10/10 - full support

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