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Universal AJAX Live Search ComponentModulePlugin

This search extension dramatically change your concept about the search modules. Professional design, real-time working and much more performance than you have ever seen on websites. Searching for an article or product never was so easy with this search module. Impress your visitors with the clean design and increase your site usability!
The Live Search has 4 fully customizable theme within many predefined skins and settings:

➤ Flat Theme
The Flat Theme of the Universal AJAX Live Search also gives you a user friendly interface, within the simplest responsive design and finest animations, ever!

➤ Minimal Theme
Select the most suitable skin, what totally fit to your template, or create custom ones. Whichever you choose, the result of the setting will be a well-designed search module. We recommend this theme if you would like to search in galleries, or sites, where the images are in the focus.

➤ Elegant Theme
Elegant Theme represent the discreet visualization of the Live Search. With many options it can make similar to your existing modules and can fit to your site. Searchbox is extremely important on websites, this theme won't make you disappointed.

➤ Simple Theme
This theme has the most clean design. Simple enter a search keyword, and the results will appear under the search box. Suitable for company sites, where there are only 2 or 3 main colors in the template. Check the live demo: Simple Theme Demo.

➤ Why does it better than the default search module?
The most important fact is the speed. Nowadays everyone knows and used the Google every day to get the most relevant information in a few seconds. People need relevant content in a short time. A Search Module is the most common part of a good website, so you need the best of them! Keyword suggestion is also included, what also can helps for users to start search.

➤ Which Joomla versions are supported?
Joomla! 1.5
Joomla! 2.5
Joomla! 3.x

➤ What search results can it show? Why is it universal?
This module can show the search results from the most of search plugins which can be installed to Joomla. Many of them has an improved version developed by us, to also show images in the result list.

➤ Supported 3rd-party components:
K2 - fully supported by Live Search
EasySocial - fully supported by Live Search
VirtueMart 1.1 & 2.x and many other webshop components - fully supported by Live Search
JReviews - fully supported by Live Search
Zoo - fully supported by Live Search
Ozio Gallery - fully supported by Live Search
Ignite Gallery - fully supported by Live Search
Phoca Gallery - fully supported by Live Search
Jomsocial - fully supported by Live Search
Community Builder - fully supported by Live Search
EasyBlog - fully supported by Live Search
and a lot more!

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Reviews: 2
This is the best search engine I have ever seen! Fast, accurate, easy to set up, a lot of customization, just great! And most importantly - technical support works perfectly! Thank you!
Reviews: 1
This company has a superior business model when it comes to offering high quality products, service and competitive pricing. I am intrigued by the sophistication of their sites presentation, products and customer support. The support team understands the true meaning of accountability--they take personal ownership of any concern you may have with promptness and a successful solution/customization. Due to their flexibility in customizing solutions I now have a Mosets Tree that works flawlessly with the Universal Live Ajax. I wish all companies would operate at with the same level of efficiency and professionalism as Offlajn. The Universal Live Ajax products exceeds all expectations--this is truly a gem, as are, all of their other products. For the price, it's a bargain. I almost feel guilty...thinking I should pay more. As a website designer, my clients love it too. ENJOY!
Reviews: 4
After installing the module it was not working. Than I asked for support. Directly that support was started. After one day Janos told me about bad codes on our template. He helped not only to get the module working, he helped us with much more what went wrong on the website, just things what we had done bad inside the code without knowing. The module is working perfectly. Best search module I know.
Reviews: 3
A great search tool and with some very quick technical support I had it customised to my site. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Excellent module, working perfectly,

Thank you for giving this important feature in every site such quality development.
Reviews: 2
Universal Ajax live search is excellent module and the support was superb! all problems solved work with other module, It looks beautiful! Thanks a lot Offlajn support team!
Reviews: 9
This is an excellent module. It didn't take much time to set up, and no CSS work was needed which is always great. There are lots of useful properties in the configuration, much more I have seen in typical modules. There was a small problem related to my site configuration, but I contacted the developer and he not only told me how to fix it but fixed it himself, and very fast. Great service, great product!
Reviews: 1
I couldn't make it work at the begging (nothing wrong with the extension i just had to change one of my Joomla settings), i submitted a support ticket and they were able to solve my problem the same day... i haven't used any other search extensions but i'm very satisfied with this one.
Reviews: 1
This is the best Joomla search module. I also had a fast and great support!
Reviews: 8
I am using this in conjunction with hikashop and it works perfectly. I was able to have it up and working in about 5 minutes with some advanced settings. Nice work!
Reviews: 1
I attempted to install the extension and get it working, but to no avail. I sent an email to the programmer on Thurs., and by Monday (on my return to the office), the extension worked. It has provided a fantastic search option for our site. Thx
Reviews: 2
I´ve tried about all the search solutions out there, but I had a hard time finding one that worked perfectly with my VirtueMart project. Then I found this! Perfect! Easy to customize. Looking really professional. Had a few technical issues but the support was the best I´ve ever been given. Couldn´t be better! Thanks! My clients love it to bits!
Reviews: 8
This module will add this sophisticated touch you're looking for to any site! So much better search functionality than the default Joomla search function.
I have installed it on two different sites.
1. A web shop still running Joomla 1.5 and Virtuemart. The module worked straight out of the box. This store has more than 1000 products in its inventory and the Ajax search is still very responsive. This is obviously a great help for clients quickly looking for something!
2. A smaller webshop developed with Joomla 2.5 and Hikashop. Here also the Ajax Search module worked great! I had minor issues with the Falang component used to translate the site in 3 different languages. The search module is not translatable in Falang. The support team has been excellent and found an easy solution for me. It is just a matter to create a search module for each language.
It is also easy to configure and has extensive options to customize the search options and the layout, without even modifying a single css line.
This is definitely a five stars extension, both for its quality and the great support you get from the developers.
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a good search-module and found it. It didn't work straight out of the box but thanks to the excellent support, it now works as it should! Looks nice too and is very easy to change. Only thing that could be added is the possibility to specify a width in percentages (responsive)
Reviews: 13
This module is fantastic. Looks great, very fast (particularly if you use the indexed search in Joomla) and works with a number of plugins, including my favourite CCK, K2.

I've had two minor issues - but not with the module. The K2 search plugin didn't return image data properly, so the Offlajn guys went ahead and modified the K2 Search plugin to properly show images. Similarly, the K2 Search plugin had an issue with exact phrase searches. Offlajn was extremely responsive and helped resolve the issue within 24 hours of my raising it.

They worked with me quickly, courteously and to the utmost of their ability.

They've been outstanding with their support and the module itself is great.

Thanks guys!
Reviews: 1
I use this extension for a few months in my Website and can say that it has no competition.
When I installed it for the first time, I needed a help. Janos answered me in one day and I could configure it to my taste.
Now I installed it on another web page and everything without problems.
Very good Job Guys
Reviews: 3
It's simply the best. Professional looking and easy to customizable extension. It works perfect.
Reviews: 3
I am a full-time, professional Joomla Web Designer and Developer who has used this particular component on a few different websites, but had an encoding issue with my current project. I contacted tech support and the issue was resolved very quickly and professionally. I am very impressed with their awesome level of support.
Reviews: 20
We've tried many search modules and plugins, however, this one is by far the best. I love the features and functionality (except one that is not there yet, which is to VIEW ALL results) instead of scrolling from one tab to the other. The developers mentioned they will implement this feature.

The support is excellent. I highly recommend.
Reviews: 2
These guys are fast and solve any issues right away. I am really amazed with their expertise. The module works great, its does more than the things I wanted to do.
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