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Universal AJAX Live Search ComponentModulePlugin

This search extension dramatically change your concept about the search modules. Professional design, real-time working and much more performance than you have ever seen on websites. Searching for an article or product never was so easy with this search module. Impress your visitors with the clean design and increase your site usability!
The Live Search has 4 fully customizable theme within many predefined skins and settings:

➤ Flat Theme
The Flat Theme of the Universal AJAX Live Search also gives you a user friendly interface, within the simplest responsive design and finest animations, ever!

➤ Minimal Theme
Select the most suitable skin, what totally fit to your template, or create custom ones. Whichever you choose, the result of the setting will be a well-designed search module. We recommend this theme if you would like to search in galleries, or sites, where the images are in the focus.

➤ Elegant Theme
Elegant Theme represent the discreet visualization of the Live Search. With many options it can make similar to your existing modules and can fit to your site. Searchbox is extremely important on websites, this theme won't make you disappointed.

➤ Simple Theme
This theme has the most clean design. Simple enter a search keyword, and the results will appear under the search box. Suitable for company sites, where there are only 2 or 3 main colors in the template. Check the live demo: Simple Theme Demo.

➤ Why does it better than the default search module?
The most important fact is the speed. Nowadays everyone knows and used the Google every day to get the most relevant information in a few seconds. People need relevant content in a short time. A Search Module is the most common part of a good website, so you need the best of them! Keyword suggestion is also included, what also can helps for users to start search.

➤ Which Joomla versions are supported?
Joomla! 1.5
Joomla! 2.5
Joomla! 3.x

➤ What search results can it show? Why is it universal?
This module can show the search results from the most of search plugins which can be installed to Joomla. Many of them has an improved version developed by us, to also show images in the result list.

➤ Supported 3rd-party components:
K2 - fully supported by Live Search
EasySocial - fully supported by Live Search
VirtueMart 1.1 & 2.x and many other webshop components - fully supported by Live Search
JReviews - fully supported by Live Search
Zoo - fully supported by Live Search
Ozio Gallery - fully supported by Live Search
Ignite Gallery - fully supported by Live Search
Phoca Gallery - fully supported by Live Search
Jomsocial - fully supported by Live Search
Community Builder - fully supported by Live Search
EasyBlog - fully supported by Live Search
and a lot more!

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Reviews: 3
This is the first time I have written a review for anything (really); however I was that impressed with Offlajn (and this module) that I felt it absolutely necessary to do so.

I purchased this module for my client’s Real Estate Listings Joomla site that is running with several highly customized commercial components. I knew from the start that this module would not be compatible out of the box with the current setup and that it would require MAJOR customization to code. I contacted the developer and received an immediate reply; addressing the issue, as well as a promise that help would be available should I need it. Outstanding!

I was unable to resolve the compatibility issues on my own and the development team at Offlajn was quick to take charge. They rewrote, and added lines of custom code to their module in order achieve the desired results. Thank you!

This is an excellent extensions, and I cannot speak highly enough about the development team!

Reviews: 1
Purchased this extension a couple of months ago soley for the extension to search jomsocial users, videos, photos,events etc and it does not do this. Ok the developer tried to fix it but every time he told me it was fixed, it wasn't, so I gave up on it. I still have a product that is not working for me. It looks slick does search joomla very well but it is of no use to me
Reviews: 7
Really great stuff! Easy to customize, really detailed parameters, great possibilities to have a super-fast ajax based search module!

You also have an option to show images for searched items, and the support... ...supper-fast,kindly,helpful!

Worth that money I've invested in this! Five-star in all aspects!
Reviews: 1
I have had good experiences before after purchasing extensions, but I believe these guys set the bar. Amazing, prompt support, and great looking products. I am thoroughly satisfied & will definitely buy again from them.
Reviews: 1
Had a small issue caused by our site's template, and had fast reply from support to solve the issue.

Have been using this for about a week, and our clients love it! Great alternative for using the built-in search component (you can disable the actual results page). Very smooth!
Reviews: 1
We had a problem after some tweaking of our website where this extension has been installed. We opened a ticket with Offlajn support and got our answer after one hour. Half an hour later the problem was fixed by the guys at Offlajn. Excellent service guys!
This module is definitely the best we found among the search extensions.
Reviews: 7
I was looking for the best search tool and found it in Universal AJAX Live Search.
It is very simple to configure and there are many parameters. Me and my customers love it.
Furthermore the support is very helpful if you have any questions.
Go for it!
Reviews: 7
I have happily used Universal Life Search since last summer on my local-news site. Recently, the search function stopped working. Support responded with the latest version. The problem turned out to be a conflicting plugin, but I have fixed the issue, and the new version of Universal works just fine.

Bob Sprague
Reviews: 1
Just purchased this component as it looked really good at the demo. At first I had my doubts because, although it says this is an universal module that works almost with every search plugin in Joomla, I couldn't find any mention on it working with JoomShopping.

I installed it in my site, Joomla 1.7 with JoomShopping, and although the search was working correctly, images were not showing at the live search results. In addition, JoomShopping default search wasn't available to be selected as the Target search page at the component options. So the result was slighty disappointing compared to the demo.

However, I raised a ticket support at Offlajn, and they replied just little time later. Ernest Marcin, whom I thank greatly, kept in contact with me and solved the problem in just 24 hours.

So now I can tell this search module works like a charm, so fast and neat, with the images showing as expected, as well as JoomShopping default search being available to be selected as the target search.

In short, absolutely recommendable extension, and very fast and professional support.
Reviews: 1
Bought and deployed module in less than ten minutes. minor issues with image display and the different search plugin names mainly due to my own ignorance. both issues solved to very prompt feedback and now the module is working beautifully.
Reviews: 1
Perfect in every aspect! Works fast, looks good, feels right. And the support is amazingly fast an accurate! Go get it :)
Reviews: 1
I have bought Universal Ajax Live Search and use it with K2, content, jomsocial, kunena and I must say, that it was the best way how I could spent my money!

It works smooth! It's fast! And it is so easy to handle.

Just Awesome! Nothing else to say!

And support is very good! I had some ideas and in next version it was included!
Reviews: 1
Module installed no problem, looks nice but the AJAX doesn't work. I've submitted two tickets now and gotten no response. pretty pitiful considering I paid for this.
Reviews: 3
I disagree to Joomla having a rating system for extensions, as the developers themselves can rise their popularity and also because users tend to hail anyone with 5 stars regardless of whether there are flaws or not. I have given 2 stars because I think it is deserved in this case AND so that people stop and read my review, which is intented to be informative.

I have already posted a similar review on the accordion module, and do not want to be an "Offlajn-basher" because I think their modules are among the very best around and I rate them as possibly the best extension developers we got.

HOWEVER, when you charge money for a module - not beer money, but what in Joomlaterms i regard a MASSIVE 20-30$ for each little thingy - the rules of engagement change and by developing as a BUSINESS you put yourself up for critics by choice. Developing with Joomla is far from free, and if you want top websites you have to buy most extensions which will see the 5-10-30-90$ you pay for each little thing accummulate to a hefty total - which is fine, but which also makes you expect a complete product in return.

In this case we undoubtedly dont get that. I will present this by problem, solution and conclusion.

PROBLEM: I wanted to use the Ajax Search module inside a custom html module, which is equal to using it inside an article. I spent lots of time combing the Offlajn website for it, googling it etc and to no avail.

Offlajn arrogantly offer no documentation at all, neither from the Joomla extension directory OR their own web, they dont even have a forum, troubleshooting section or help guide.

SOLUTION: I downloaded and adapted the "load module positions" plugin by Carsten Engel, which allowed me to place Offlajns search module where I wanted. This should obviously not be necessary.

CONCLUSION: Last week I wasted over 4 hours searching for how to modify the selfwriting css file in their accordion module and history has repeated itself by having to yet again investigate stuff related to the search module, when it obviously shouldnt be necessary.

To think that your backend area covers ALL thinkable css needs and think that your great support service makes standard documentation obsolete is arrogant AND unintelligent - especially when you charge people heavily for your extensions.

In this case I needed to make a decision on the fly, I couldnt wait even an hour so when the ONLY solution presented by Offlajn was submitting a support ticket which triggers a message saying "you will be responded within 1 working day", I find it to be hands down outrageous.

In this example I only needed to know how to insert their search box into an article, and I find it to be appalling that this and others small standard questions are not answered on their website. Their lack of documentation has again cost me more money, and on top of it I have had to include another plugin.

The module is excellent but the total package is very poor. I would like the developer to respond here for everyone to see - WHY have they deliberately chosen to provide absolutely no documentation whatsoever, even to paying clients?
Reviews: 2
I bought this module and whilst working with Joomla 1.7 and Virtuemart 2, (all still very new) I experienced problems with the search plugin as supplied. I contacted Offlajn (Roland) and within 24 hours got response back. Because I worked on localhost it was not possible to share via url, so Roland logged into my computer via sharing software and within 15 minutes resolved the problem. Excellent service!!
Now my search works lightning fast and better than expected.
Reviews: 1
This amazing product is going to be a standard inclusion in all our future websites!
FYI works flawlessly with K2 as promised!
Had a small issue and support was quick to point us in the right direction.
Highly recommended!
Reviews: 6
This live search should be part of Joomla's core. It is a must for any site. Thanks for the great work!
Reviews: 1
If you are looking for a clean and lean searching machine :) this is the one. Easy to install even for someone like me. And if you do have a question.. support is really fast and good in their help!

Is is because of functions like this I just love Open Source !
Reviews: 1
works brilliantly! had a few issues with the site integration but support was quick, efficient and courteous.
what more can you ask for - recommended!!
Reviews: 5
This extension works right out of the box with very little time and only a little Joomla knowledge to get it up and running.
The extension works and it works quite well. There are many customizations you can do within the module that makes it useful for those who are not experts in CSS/xHTML (although I don't mind getting my hands dirty).
For only $20.00 ($US) I feel this is a bargain deal for something that works so well with so much thought put into it. I wish I would have known about this tool a lot sooner because I think it's one of the best ones out there so far.
Thanks again to the author Janos for creating such a useful and valuable tool!
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