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Migur Ajax Search Plugin

Have you ever used PixSearch, or any other Ajax Search field that instantly displays results for your users when they search?

In that case you are painfully aware that you always need to redesign the search box to fit your sites needs…

What if you could just hook an AJAX search function to your Joomla! search field, get the instant results without changing anything in your template or in your layout!

Now you can!

From the developer of PixSearch, here is Migur Ajax Search Plugin!

PixSearch for the users who remember the good ol' days:

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Reviews: 4
Very easy to use and returning better results than the "Smart search" core from Joomla.

I had reviewed commercial and free extensions but this one runs the best, is free, and works and out of the box. Thnx

Waiting for the Joomla 3+ update.
Reviews: 6
A very easy to use Ajax search option which works perfect, even on iPhone and iPad. I found this sort of functionality in a template but it was so difficult to customize, that I gave up and went with my favorite template instead using this extension to get search results directly underneath the search box. The beauty is that you can customize the output quite easily with css.
Reviews: 52
This is a very nice little feature for the existing search function, seems to work great!