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Joomla Index File

With JiFile you can search within your documents in PDF, DOC, Excel, ODT, JPEG, MP3 and many others directly from the search of Joomla!

This component will not only search in the title or meta tags of the files but ALSO in the content!

JiFile was designed to obtain an integrated tool in Joomla that allows the indexing of textual content of a document (DOC, PDF, Excel ...) and research into them.

JiFile presents a simple administrative interface that allows great ease of use.

Video tutorial (ENG-ITA)

JiFile - Quick Tutorial

For a detailed documentation

For Joomla 1.5

JiFile incorporates the framework iFile which supports the recovery of content and indexing a wide variety of formats:

- Rich Text Format (.rtf)
- Moving Picture Expert Group-1/2 Audio Layer 3 (.mp3)
- Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpg - .jpeg)
- Microsoft Word 97-2000 (.doc)
- Microsoft Word 2003-2007 (.docx)
- Microsoft Excel 97-2000 (.xls)
- Microsoft Excel 2003-2007 (.xlsx)
- Microsoft PowerPoint 2003-2007 (.pptx)
- Writer (.odt)
- Calc (.ods)
- Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf)
- File di testo (.txt)
- Web page (.htm - .html)
- eXtensible Markup Language (.xml)
- Tagged Image File Format (.tiff)

-24/03/2014 v. 2.3
Fixed the strict error in the Lucene controller.
Fixed the problem for the stored of the "created date" in the PDF and Images Files.
Fixed the problem of the Highlight and SubString in the view of JiFile
Fixed the error "Root-application does not exist"
Integrate ordering for field "name" if selected "Alphabetica" in the search view

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Reviews: 2
This product works really well and I was able to index some 40 PDF files for searching. The indexing is a very easy process and worked flawlessly. I did have some problems configuring the software but their support responded quickly and resolved the problems which very very minor in the end. Overall an excellent Joomla extension.
Reviews: 1
Great extension! To search within files in a directory with uploaded files is an essential item for Joomla. Support is fast en most effective. Also customization of scripts to provide an extra function is one of the services. I 'm very impressed by the Team!
Reviews: 6
As there was a problem with my server configuration, I coudn't get it working. The support was fast and very helpful, I've never encountered that for a free extension before!
Thanks a lot!!!
Reviews: 3
This is an excellent tool to search documents in variety formats. I had some issues on indexing documents and custom code needed, but the supports were great. They responded and helped me fix it right away. I am happy with this product and support.
Reviews: 3
I had some trouble getting things working, but it was my fault and their support team fixed it ASAP. And...the search plugin is fantastic, works just as described!
Reviews: 2
I use JiFile to enable community members to search a file sharing repository (JSmallfib) and forums (Kunena). I'm a newbie to Joomla! and had a couple of kinks to work out. Their support team was very helpful and they have a lot of information on their website to help you along.
Reviews: 1
I had some problem making JiFile work on my server but support was very fast and helpful!!
It really worth a donation!!!!

Thanks again!
Reviews: 1
I am very happy to use this extension, is very good and powerfull and want give thank to developers and support team and thanks again for giving such good support.
Reviews: 6
A great extension easy to implement and with a very collaborative support team.
I fully recommend it.
Reviews: 1
A useful module with a very strong support team.
Keep going the great job!
Reviews: 5
For most cases JiFile is a very useful and solid component (and search plugin as addon).

In my review I don´t want to talk about the good features, but talk about two problems, that really should be solved in the future.

In my point of view JiFile has two big disadvantages:

First it has no integrated ACL system. Every file is public, and so the results can be very dramatic, if you want to use sensitive files, that only some user should be able to see. For instance if you use Joomla for a intranet etc. You can implement a homebrewn solution via the JiFile search plugin, but this should be standard. Second if you index many documents you will feel the disadvantage of the old fashioned search algorithm. The effect is a very long waiting time when you seach for JiFile indexed data (up to more than a minute). So with one project I had to exclude the JiFile search plugin from the default results, because the time of waiting wasn´t accepptable.

On the other hand JiFile is freeware and the developer is giving a good support to their customers. That´s why I give four stars to it, although the two problems I mentioned can be criterions for exclusion for more ambitious joomla projects.
Owner's reply

thanks for your review, this is very important for us. We appreciate receive a comment that describe also the weaknesses on which to work. This help us to improve this project.

For the first problem, we started to develop a process for the management of the ACL of the documents, we think to release this new feature in the coming months.

For the second problem, JiFile uses "Lucene Search Engine", and for improve response times in searches, you need configure correctly JiFile for optimize the process of the "Indexing" and improve your search time.

If you want you can contact us for more information and find a good configuration for improve your search time.


Reviews: 2
Good extension, usefull and very efficient support +1
Reviews: 2
Nice tool. Many functionalities. Error free. Easy to install. Thank you.
Reviews: 2
Very usefull component! I need to index a lot of PDF files and include them in search resaults. Support team works exellent and suggest me non-standard solving for my site. All works!! Thanks for great component JIFILE.
Reviews: 2
My client has tons of pdf documents that had to be indexed and combined with K2. JiFile looked promising and because it is a non-commercial component, I decided to give it a try. There were some hiccups after the install but the support was great. They helped me a lot and solved the problem for me. It is nice to know that there are people that go all the way. I am a very happy customer :)
Reviews: 1
I had some difficulties to configure JIFILE for french use. With the documentaiton and a very fast and efficient support we solve the difficuties in on hour !! The component works as well. It means 5 * !
Reviews: 1
I had some trouble with JiFile. I consultated the support and they were extremely helpful and solved most of my problems.

Ole Viller, Denmark
Reviews: 1
JiFile an excellent component and the support team is to be congratulated isAPP were very helpful, useful and resolute.

Thank you!
Reviews: 1
The JiFile component is great and the isAPP support team was very supportive,helpful and resolute.

Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 1
Jfile is a great component. Installation was simple and fast. Functionality in terms of settings and use is very sample and intuitive. Due to some preblem depending of my php server configuration, I asked the IsApp team for assistance. Support was very helpful and friendly. Examined the problem, they resolved it quickly and competlenty. At the moment I use the component for searching it hundreds of pdf files. It works perfectly and is virtually irreplaceable. Thank you very much.
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