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Yandex.Sitesearch Pinger Plugin

There is a service Yandex.Sitesearch ( This is a service that allows you to create search on the site or group of sites. For this service it is necessary that the site has been indexed by Yandex. Robots Yandex self-index the site. However, apart from the core of the index when searching the site uses an additional index, specially built for such sites. You can increase the priority of indexing certain pages of the site with the help of the plug-in Yandex.Sitesearch Pinger, which sends requests to the indexing automatically. This plug-in installed in a CMS, monitors changes to the site and generates requests for indexing all new or modified documents.

Basic information on what the plugin-pinger is described on page How to configure the plugin for Joomla! is described here Files of plugins and the basic information for the user is located here:

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Reviews: 32
Using Yandex Site Search Pinger in Joomla 2.5 since
date of change 2013-12-17 (March 2014).
Advantages: Free, easy to use, does not create significant additional load on the server.
Disadvantages: At this point – not found.
Support: Did not use.
Using this plug-in to speed up pages indexing for Yandex Site Search. Suffice to configure it once, activate, and you can forget about it.
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