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PixSearch Ajax Search Module

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
The PixSearch module is trying to mimic a search like the one on
It will perform a backend AJAX Query to the core component com_search and display the results instantly while typing in an inputbox.

PixSearch has been translated in over 20 languages, thanks to the Joomla! comunity.

This module is available for Joomla versions: 1.5, 2.5 and 3x

Demo can be found at: in the upper right corner.

Note: This is not the place to report bugs or request new features, please go to Pixpro Labs forum to do so at

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Reviews: 1
At last! A module that...

a) installs without problem
b) is easy and clear to configure
c) works EXACTLY as it was described and is really FAST!!

Thank you for an excellent extension. I was slightly apprehensive at installing this but my fears were totally unfounded. Worked a treat. Simple and easy to use and makes your site look good - which is never a bad thing.

I'd be interested to see this extension developing further but hope it is not spoilt with loads of bells and whistles that are un-necessary.

Excellent work - cannot recommend it enough and will definitely be using it everywhere!
Reviews: 2
Set this up without a problem. Had an issue with it not working on IE while it did work on Mozilla. Rapidly found out it was not an issue with the module but with the template I was using.

Highly recomend this!
Reviews: 5
Awesome search engine!

Really brings the page to life... a newbie like me was able to troubleshoot the settings to get it sing out the search results!

Standard search component for all my new joomla sites and installs!

Thanks a billion!
Reviews: 1
I wasn't prepared for this when I installed this module, configured it and typed in a word to test. The pop up result was lightning fast. Never knew search results could be this sexy. Well done Henrik. You've breathed some much needed life into drab site search
Reviews: 1
very nice, i liked it and used it on one of my client's website. no problem installing or configuring it. runs smoothly. good job guys,
Reviews: 21
It installed like a charm, no problems setting it up and have it running within 1 minute.

I like that it uses the existing CSS and integrates seamless.

Thank you so much.
Reviews: 1
It is very good but it will be better for me if the module could include in the future some things more:

- Date of every content. This is easy to implement, because is one of the aliases provided by search bots to the com_search component.
- In the AJAX frontend include the combo with the "ANY WORD", "EXACT PHRASE" and "ALL WORDS".
- Pagination of results (some Joomla sites with too many content can run in problems if only you limit the AJAX results.
- Sort order (like the native search combo box but in the AJAX frame).

So, with this suggestions this module could replace the less interactive native search module.

Despite this suggestions, Henrik, this is quite a piece of job. Please, keep on the good work and of course, thank you!!!
Reviews: 2
Worked out of the box!
Does what it should do!
Customizing is possible where it is reasonable!
If customizing parameters they do what they promise!
Language files are used!
In language files you can translate *all* strings used in the view!
You can modify the view with your own css!

To make a long story short: It's brilliant!

Cheers, Peter
Reviews: 1
Really Thanks for great module, my 1st project was finished and successed because several module and this module, thanks guys
Reviews: 1
Great module, works prefectly. The developer is also very helpful if you have any questions.

I just wish Joomla's search facility was better at returning relevant results to searches... Maybe there could be a Google search version of Pixsearch??
Owner's reply

A very good idea for those who have a lot of pages indexed in the Google directory!

I should look into this, Thanks for the tip!

Reviews: 2
I love this search module. It worked really quickly (just a little CSS tweak or two) and looks great! A couple of things I'd like to see in the future:

1) Ability to scroll down through the results with the keyboard arrows.

2) Ranking based on relevance (especially one that weighs titles as more important) - but I guess this is a core problem.
Owner's reply


Thank you! :-)

1) We are concidering an implementation of this into a future version! A nice feature! It has been in the request forum since the last version.

2) Unfortunately this is a core issue, thou we are actually looking into changing the parsing of the results based on user specified logic. We could make a search "on top" with keywords or settings by the administrator...

Keep your eyes open :-)

Reviews: 1
I love this module! Not only it works as described but the best is the support! Henrik answered my questions in his support forum within minutes!! Thank you Henrik!!

Some things I was seeing:
- I have the Search Module on the right-hand side and the Result box appeared on the left. It turns out it's just a module setting (offset) :)

- In Internet Explorer 7, the Result box appeared under some modules I have on the right-hand side. This can be fixed by another module setting. Simply type in "sidebar-2" (without quotes for the "Hide div id(s)" field

- Some weird characters were appearing for results in Spanish. Henrik pointed out to the solution in his website which explains that "some servers are configured to output UTF-8 which Joomla 1.0.x is not" and indicates to simply add the following line to your .htaccess file:

AddDefaultCharset ISO-8859-1

Great component! Outstanding support!
Reviews: 1
This is one of the best modules for Joomla I've ever used.

Does exactly what it is supposed to. Tested with Joomla 1.5 on Maxthon/IE7 and Firefox and is pretty much flawless except for some eye-candy tweaks which the developer is working on.

The technical support by Henrik is second to none. I had some issues with my template CSS, but Henrik was quick enough to point out the error and suggest fix in a matter of minutes even though the error was not in Pixpro. I highly appreciate the authors help and quick support which rivals most of the paid support in my opinion.

This search module is highly recommended and is on its way to all my websites.
Reviews: 1
This was a snap to install, easy to config. i have put it on both of my sites. it is a set it and forget it module, way to go.
Reviews: 7
Just what we required, but was small issue with it not running correctly on 1.5 with .html extension suffix turned on.
The developer was aware of this and support was almost instant, helping us through this issue. (the developer is working to allow it to work with seo suffix's turned on).
An excellent example of an open sourced contribution backed by excellent support.
All the best pixpro labs.

Reviews: 3
I'm using this great module on Joomla 1.5.1, and IT WORKS out of the box.
I have had some issues with sh404SEF component, but I got quick and EXCELLENT SUPPORT from the developer at the forum.

Henrik keep doing your best !
Reviews: 1
I installed and configured the module in just 5 fives...the module is easy and well designed.

The module works better than they offer. I will install it in all my sites!

I found an small issue related to charset specification and I thought it was time to uninstall the module, but I gave it a chance to find some support in PixSearch site. I was surprised when I received the support in just a few hours giving the exact solution I needed!!!

This is one of the most important things to make an extension successful, GIVING A GOOD SUPPORT and they know how to do it!

Good job!
Reviews: 5
This is a gread module. It installs as a breese and works smoothly. There was a little issue with displaying titles that was solved by the tips from Henrik in his forum. Not a problem with the mod but a question of adding one line of code to my .htaccess file.

Great work Henrik!
Reviews: 3
Welldone... thnx for this module.. work with no issue, hope people will like it!
Reviews: 1
The module is awesome, it saves time for my users because it brings relevant results before they click in hte search button. I was having an small problem showing results from the sobi2 component. Even if it was an issue of the sobi2 searchbot, Henrik (pixpro owner) helped me to solve the issue!
Even if The module is not paid, you get support any time you need it.

Thanks again Henrik for your help!!!
Owner's reply

Thank you leitoarias! :-)

To clarify, I am not the owner of the company Pixpro Stockholm AB. :-)
I am just maintainer of the PixSearch module!

Best regards / Henrik

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