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ajaxSearch Module

This modules output is generated via AJAX and is a suplement to the existing search component.

The module allows you to control the look of the module completely via CSS, alongside some basic parameters to control it easy via backend.

The module is both for 1.5 and 2.5.

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Reviews: 4
This extension doesn't do anything....I loaded it, it adds the search box but nothing happens when you enter anything into the search box.
Owner's reply


Than you for your review.

Although, I havent head any issue resported from you - so have had no chance to look at it.

You are always welcome to contact me, so it can be resolved - if you had issues.

If the search box renders, then two things can have gone wrong.

1) Your template scrirpt somehow conflicts with the modules.
2) Your template CSS conflicts with the modules

Anyways, bizarre to post a review like this, without even trying to find the issue.

Best regards

Reviews: 1
It's a great extension! I have one suggestion. It would be fine if someone types something and presses enter that the component automatically goes to the search page. It now stays on the homepage.
Reviews: 1
I'm using firefox 3.6.9 and I can confirm this plugin does work in Firefox, just in case this was an issue for some. It does seem to show a bit of a delay when searching, but also seems to speed up with more characters inputed. Thanks to the creator for a great extension!
Reviews: 4
It is to double confirm the below review about the incompatability with Firefox. I use FF 3.5.7 to browse the demo page. With FF 3.5.7, nothing displayed. With ie7 and ie8, it's OK.

Hope this can be fixed soon..
Owner's reply


That seems weird, because I have not had an issue with FF 3.5.7.

FF is my prefered browser, and no problems with it so far on my site.

Reviews: 1
This product is great if you're using a compatible browser. After spending two weeks trying to debug the program I finally determined this search module is not compatible with Firefox 3.5.6.

Do recall, visitors will be using a variety of browsers.
Owner's reply


Thankyou for the review,

The module is working in firefix though - as you can see on the webpage.

However, in some cases, you will need to know some CSS, since the template you are using can cause minor problems.

Reviews: 4
I recommend it to anyone
Reviews: 1
I have been on the look out for a simple ajax search extension like this for a while. It works perfectly and as you can change the appearance all by one css stylesheet it was very is to personalise. You just need to spend a little time tweeking the css to fit your website and it's done!
Reviews: 2
This works like a charm, does what it says it'll do, and adds a value to your site.
Suggestion: for me it would be good to add the possibility to add a suffix to the module_css, so I can very easily use the same css as in my other modules.
Reviews: 71
I tried a number of Ajax search modules but was having problems with no results being returned. However, this module was easy to install and worked right away without any hassles. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
After some work on the CSS I got this great search utility working just the way I wanted.

I would thoroughly recommend anyone to try it. Many thanks to Jan for writing it and sharing it, and offering such great and fast support on his forum.
Reviews: 12
A very good module and a very helpful one!

I, for one, have no complaints!