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RokAjaxSearch Module

RokAjaxSearch is a truly powerful module that brings fantastic search functionality to Joomla, using the powerful and versatile javascript library, Mootools as well as full Google Search integration.

RokAjaxSearch offers AJAX powered real time search results for both your Joomla site content as well Google Search. There are various configuration options and parameters allowing you to enable not only Google web search, but Google Blog search, Google Image search, and Google Video search.

★ Features

- Real Time Search: AJAX loads search results in real time.
- Multiple Sources: Search your local Joomla site or the web at large.
- Search Options: Even more search options with Blog, Video and Images.
- Advanced usability: Script enhancements for intuitive navigation.

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Reviews: 1
This search addon does the job just like all the other Rok extensions. Nothing beats real time Ajax search results, and with a little CSS modification, you can make it appear how you want on your site. Must have module.
Reviews: 1
I used this extension, got everything set up but unfortunately it causes a conflict with News Pro Gk4 module. It changes it's size and options.

I know it is this module as I unpublished, published, unpublished and so on.. and I am 120% confident that RokAjaxSearch causes the conflict.

It's a shame, as I only noticed the conflict once I had everything set up..Now I have to find another one
Reviews: 5
Badah Boom Badah Bing. Clean, and takes care of all search needs. Even works threw all search add on modules. I need to do a little css editing (whaaaa) to suit my site, but you guys even figured on that with the use our css function.
Bravo...pat on the back...if you have a donate button you are on my list. Thank You
Reviews: 31
Installed and customized in a minute!!! It works so well and looks so great. I really appreciate your work and that you share this with us. It's a must to have.
Rudolf Aigner
Reviews: 1
The module performs very well on my site. Clean, easily understandable JS/CSS code, easy to customize to your needs. Definitely 5 stars.
...and I'll add +1 star (provided I can find it on this cloudy winter-sky) if you turns this excellent module into Joomla 1.6 native!
Reviews: 3
You just made my day (night)... I've installed the module on my site some time ago, and I was so fascinated. Today I decided to migrate all my content to K2, but I was afraid of the K2 search possibilities, and really didn't want то part with ypur module... but no, no, no...
RokAjaxSearch searches in K2 Items with such ease!
Thank you!!!
Reviews: 24
This is simply THE BEST search module I have EVER had the pleasure to use. I LOVE THIS as do my users... OUTSTANDING.. Five Stars!
Reviews: 2
Works fine under FF and Chrome but ... not working under IE7 and IE8 when you show an article.

I hope this can soon be fixed...
Reviews: 5
this is good module, works nice, but: I dont understand options with google search posibilities. There is no option to search through google engine only specific site /where the searcher is installed for example/. Who wants to have searcher for competition sites? /and redirecting to them/
Reviews: 20
I saw a lot of these reviews, some of which are negative, so I wanted to step in and give my thoughts.
First off, the developers have done a great job... and they always do with just about everything they do.

Some people say it breaks JoomGallery: Not with me. Had no effect on it at all.

Some say it doesn't work it IE: That's total bull. It works perfect in Internet Explorer.

Some say "Good luck getting it to work out of the box":
I say that if you know how to install a Joomla! extension, then it will work. I have lots of extensions installed, some of which use Ajax and Mootools, and the only problem I ever had is wi=hen using the Wibiya toolbar. And since there's other good toolbars, I switched to another and no problems. For me, it worked perfectly out of the box.

I really think a lot of these problems people complain about is actually a result of their lack of Joomla! knowledge.

RokAjaxSearch is one of the few extensions that I will NEVER be without. Again, to me, it's simply perfect!
Thanks Rocket Team!
Reviews: 22
This search module has the potential to be a really good one, unfortunately there is no support for the general public (you have to be a paid member in order for you to post on the support forum)So unless you are one of the lucky ones that get it to work out of the box or someone already had the same problem and posted it on the PAID forum, the forget about it. I am using one of their templates (rocketeam) and still didn't get it to work.
They sell some great products and I understand why they provide a forum for members only, but if they offer an extension "free" then the support should be free or at least write a note on the description so people doesn't waste their time when it doesn't work out of the box.
This could be a 5 star if it works out of the box and the support is available.
Reviews: 1
it is pretty good! i like it
Reviews: 1
Hello! I using this opportunity to review this amazing module, but also and give the critique to the creators. As they product belong to one of major Joomla! extension developers house, I cannot understand why have not taken into account about the interaction with important components just as are Seyret and JoomGalery. RokAjaxSearch completely breaks template in Seyret, and kills Joomgalery category module in Internet Explorer. This is major bug of this module, and I have to live them.
Reviews: 8
When you try to type Cyrillic symbols - it does not search. The search process just not triggering .

No answer from support in forum, no fix yet.

So I can not use it even with Rockettheme template I bought...
Reviews: 1
This module does quite well what it is supposed to do, but it would be perfect if the problems of compatibility with AdSense in IE were solved rapidly (works well with Chrome and FF)
Reviews: 1
This one is really useful to all,
Even it is working fine is IE6 also,
No problem so far.

Reviews: 1
Very nice looking and very promising, but it conflicts with Google AdSense on its current version and on the support forums there seems to be no true action on fixing that.
Reviews: 6

I tried this extension and simply flipped for it. Was perfect in FF, which I know a lot of us use, but when I checked it in IE 6 and 7.

It seemed to conflict with other scripts running on the site.

I saw a query of the same in forum (which I could read but not respond to), but couldn't locate a free support registration, which kinda rendered the support useless. (Owners if I missed something pls drop me a line).

Would really like to use this extension.

Reviews: 1
Works perfectly in firefox but not ie7. got some css issue in ie7 and also the next and previous button issue (does not work in ie7)
Reviews: 2
Worked out of the box, even with sh404sef installed. Its amazing, aesthetic, fast, just fantastic!
Thank you!
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