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Joomla! 2.5 Series 0 votes0 reviewsComponentModulePlugin

easy iinstallation content search with images you can search by different categories Resizable images in search results detailed documentation With mtsearch you can search in all categories or on specific category. There is also pos ...

Type: FreeLast Update: 2012-07-30

Stretch Me Search

Joomla! 2.5 Series 0 votes0 reviewsModule

The J-Query based Searching module that expands once clicked. Module parameters are expanding width, display type, Search text and Jquery enabling. Both Rounded corners and Square type search interfaces are available.

Type: FreeLast Update: 2012-08-30

Roket In search

Joomla! 2.5 Series 0 votes0 reviewsPlugin

Plugin to search for a value in the text material of joomla.

Type: Free

Content Filter Responsive

Joomla! 2.5 SeriesJoomla! 3.0 Ready 0 votes0 reviewsModule

Content Filter Responsive is a module filter items from multiple categories(Content, K2...). You can search tags within tags and filter items by multiple tags from different categories and get a live feedback on the number of items containing related tags ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-06-26

Search Suggestion

Joomla! 2.5 Series 0 votes0 reviewsModule

Search Suggestion is a searching module using Ajax technology. It helps to search content, products...etc faster and more easily because Ajax can transform information with server without having to reload the page. With this module, users can search faste ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-06-26


Joomla! 2.5 SeriesJoomla! 3.0 Ready 0 votes0 reviewsComponentModule

• Gridsearch empowers every Joomla site with an ultra fast and highly customizable search function. • Fluid presentation: Results are presented in the main content container with beautiful styles. • Animated preview result box • Highly customizab ...

Type: Paid


Joomla! 2.5 Series 0 votes0 reviewsComponentModulePlugin

This extension for Joomla! is a powerful search engine which uses ElasticSearch as indexer. Here some features it provides: * Results are ordering by pertinence. * Boost on some fields. If a search word is in title it is more pertinent than if it i ...

Type: Free

Product Finder

Joomla! 2.5 SeriesJoomla! 3.0 Ready 0 votes0 reviewsComponent

Product Finder is a questionnaire-based scoring and filtering system for Joomla. It's usage is straightforward and intuitive: - create a questionnaire - add questions and answers - apply the rules with the intuitive, point & click rule editor - pub ...

Type: FreeLast Update: 2013-11-15

Google Site Search

Joomla! 2.5 Series 0 votes0 reviewsModule

"Google Site Search" is a module for Joomla 2.5+ that enables you to search your site, or of course, the web by using the classic Google Search box, you have seen on endless sites. This module is highly customizable and multilingual, no matter if you nee ...

Type: Free

Minitek Live Search

Joomla! 3.0 Ready 0 votes0 reviewsComponentModulePlugin

Minitek Live Search is the most powerful and robust AJAX Search system for Joomla! Minitek Live Search is a cutting-edge, feature-rich search component and module that allows your visitors to search for: -Joomla articles -Joomla categories -K2 art ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-06-06

TZ Search

Joomla! 3.0 Ready 0 votes0 reviewsModule

TZ Search is a simple Joomla module which inherits all current functions of mod_search, in addition, we develop filter dropdown feature. Features: * Inherits all current functions of mod_search * Search for All words, Any words, Exact Phrase * O ...

Type: Free

aikon Floating Search

Joomla! 2.5 SeriesJoomla! 3.0 Ready 0 votes0 reviewsModule

Search bars are an intergal part of any website, both the design AND the programming. We belive that mose websites design is pretty much downgraded by default and non-attractive space absorbing search bars. Those days are now gone! did you see OUR o ...

Type: FreeLast Update: 2014-09-24