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Joes Word Cloud Module

Editor's Note
  • This extension inserts a hidden backlink to the developer.
Script Function:
This extension is a joomla module displaying the words from your Joomla! core articles and displays them in a "cloud" of words displayed in a module. Font-size depends on the frequency of the word throughout your articles.

What makes this word cloud module different is that it takes its words directly from your Joomla! core articles instead of your meta tags which means less work to setup. It has been tested with various languages across the world and 3rd-party templates.

I wanted a module that doesn't need meta tags to be setup for it. I want a module which quickly installs and can work as is. I've added some CSS styling options because I'm just that lazy.

It's free as always, so enjoy!

- For Joomla! version 1.5.x websites, please visit my downloads page for compatible versions of this module.
- The displayed "joel lipman .com" text can be removed using the module parameters.

Admin Parameters include:
+ Style overrides
+ Get words from article title or content or both
+ Get words from displayed article or entire site
+ Keyword/Category inclusion/exclusion list
+ Use Joomla Access Levels (public, registered, ...)
+ Attach word to any search URL
+ International language support (incl. case-sensitivity)
+ Integrate: K2, jEvents, HotProperty, PhocaDownload
+ Debug mode message for the developer

Latest ChangeLogs:
v3.2.1 (18/03/2014)
- Enhancement: Label parameters in XML and language file review []

v3.2 (17/03/2014)
- Fixed Bug: Redeclare function issue when used multiple times [MargeE]

v3.1 (15/01/2014)
- Fixed Bug: German language support.

v3 (19/09/2013)
- Fixed Bug: Hardcoded DS value for Joomla 3.x compatibility.

v1.5.3 (09/04/2011)
- Downgrade version of Module v1.6.4 for Joomla 1.5.x websites

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Reviews: 7
Very good Extension, does its Job! Quick and great support!
Thank you Joe
Reviews: 4
Extension is working perfect for me! Easy to set up, easy to maintain, lot of options.
I needed a word cloud NOT working with meta keywords but using my own keywords, here I found it!

Perfect for me, thanks!
Reviews: 1
Congratulations on a great free extension! Fully customizable. Easy to set up. Works like a charm. And no hidden back links as far as I can tell...
Reviews: 3
Yeah! It's very good idea to use the words from Joomla! core articles and it works!
It seems like the extension works only with simple search, not with the smart one, but they work together on my site without conflicting.
Customizable and easy installing feature - thanks a lot!
Reviews: 2
The idea to generate a cloud not from the usual metatags, but from the full text of articles is brilliant.

I am working on a site which will have a lot of texts from different writers (I mean litterature), so this module will really bring added value.

Support is also great : I wanted to connect Word Cloud with Mijosoft Search module and absolutely did not know how to do that (I am beginner in Joomla) : Joe solved that quite immediately.
Reviews: 6
Nice tool to create tag clouds on the fly without lifting a finger. Works perfect on Joomla 2.5 as well but this is not documented on the download site itself. You have to download the version for 1.6.x
Just one disadvantage to this approach: you cannot create combinations of words, which is often needed in tag clouds, so I cannot use it unfortunately, but it is a great tool nevertheless.
Reviews: 4
I have installed it in my development environment for a site that I am migratting to Joomla from other CMS.

It works fine until I import 6000+ articles from my old site, after that it just hangs the site because it is not fast enough to generate the tag list: I end with a PHP fatal error of timeout kind after a while waiting for the page to be loaded when enabling the tags module.

I think this is a design problem without easy solution. For sites like the mine and bigger, probably a complexer component is needed, one with an option to generate the tag list through the backend if needed, and that updates it everytime an article is added.

Of course if your site has just some dozens of articles and you have not plans to grow fast, this module may be enough for your needs.
Owner's reply

Alternatively you can tell the module to only scan the titles of your articles (I have over 2000 and it works fine).

If it is really really slow, you can put words in the "inclusive" text box and this does not even connect to the database if this is populated. You would of course need to let the module run first to generate the word cloud, then simply copy and paste this into the box.

The module also comes with a few cache-mode options so you can play with those. So many ways of getting this to work, in just a few clicks.

I'm sorry this module was of no use to you, I created it because no other module allowed me to simply install a module, and for it to automatically generate it's own content.

Reviews: 1
After Joes Word Cloud installation I got 155 Errors, 108 warning(s) at w3c validator, So you should check this on your demo site

I can't use this extension until Errors found while checking this document as XHTML 1.0 Transitional!
Owner's reply

Hi dejeansoftware,

The part the module can break in terms of validation depends on what you put for the search URL parameter (usually "?option=com_search&searchword="). Note that the ampersand is not valid XHTML 1.0. If you have used Joomla before, you will have noted that the Joomla CMS formats any HTML entities in module parameters; if I put "?option=com_search&searchword=" then the second I save this in Joomla it changes it to "/?option=com_search&searchword=". Had you read the comments and queries on the documentation page you would know that my workaround of typing "?option=com_search&searchword=" was the solution to yours and many others validation issue. The default install sets this but Joomla CMS will reformat it everytime you save the parameter.

An honest rating but perhaps a bit harsh for a cloud word module especially since your issue is addressed on my site. Done correctly this module validates to XHTML 1.0 Strict but I haven't found a way to force Joomla CMS to stop formatting the entities.

Hope that helps!

Reviews: 11
Installed Joes Word Cloud Module today on a Joomla! 1.5 website, and so far me and the client like:
- Configurability (just as described in the description)
- Very easy to get running, in accordance with our Semantic and Design parameters
- Fast: no impact mesured on the website's perfs (YSlow mesured).
Please keep it up!
Reviews: 17
I'm looking for something easy and elegant, looking for something just like THIS.
Thank you so much!
Reviews: 5
This is a smart module. Joe's found a way to build a tag cloud without relying on tags, which means it's useful right away (well, a little tweaking to add words to the exclude list is needed, but it's much faster than tagging existing articles). Plus when I found a problem with the 1.5 module, he fixed it within a few hours. Appearance looks good out of the box, and is easily tweaked. A genuine five star module.
Reviews: 2
After 6 tags/cloud installs this one is the only one that feat my needs : category inclusion and exclusion, keywords list inclusion and exclusion, text alignment, use of access levels...
The support is as quick as Lucky Luke. And efficient too : a problem on sunday solved on monday afternoon...
Thanks Joe !
Reviews: 1
this module working nice. This is only one for J 1.6.3, today. Developer Joe is quick with response. He still improve adjustability and funcionality. :-) nice work
Reviews: 8
Congratulations, this module is fantastic! Not only does it look beautiful, but it's simple to install and configure and does exactly what it should do. Looks like you have made plenty of updates having taken in previous user feedback... fantastic! Follow suit everyone, Dig deep and make a paypal donation at it's not often you find modules this good for free! Help Joel keep them coming :-)
Reviews: 10
This cloud works perfectly, and looks fantastic! Thanks for giving free products that work right out of the box - makes others want to be more giving. =)
Reviews: 1
What to say.....?!?
Just a simple and easy to use module.
I used it on several J1.5 & J1.6 pages and yes, it is a great extension!
The reason, why I didn't give 5 stars was just, there is no other than English translation for this module.

Reviews: 7
I love this one. It is free, it is easy to install and configure and is looks great.
My only wish is that it will not use words form articles marked as Registered or Special. Or better, it uses the settings of the logged in user to determine the type of articles it should use.

Owner's reply

As this was asked for from several others, I released version 1.6.4 which includes the feature to "Use access levels".

Reviews: 5
Since there are only two tag components available for Joomla 1.6 (as of today anyway), I decided to give Joe's Word Cloud a shot. I'd previously dismissed it because it's a module and I was hoping for a component that would let editors manually enter tags. After a painless installation and enabling it as a module in a footer module position beneath the article, I now realize I have found the perfect solution.

There are some added benefits of using Joe's Word Cloud too! The module generates the tags from the content (as opposed to generating from the article's metadata) so our editors don't have to worry about this extra step. It also alleviates the mass confusion presented by developing a standardized list of keywords. And the final benefit? It's FREE! What more can I say except, thanks Joel Lipman!

One small feature request though: add RSS feeds for tags. Otherwise my tag headaches are finally gone!
Owner's reply

Hi nniiccoollee,

Thanks for the review! The module was intended for minimal setup. As a webdeveloper equipped with notepad, I've always envied Joomla developers who can create websites overnight complete with user forums and content management. I'm not a fan of extensions that take an age to setup because I find these defeat that purpose. So this one does it all automatically. Even included the style overrides because I'm that lazy! For any questions, comments, suggestions please visit my website and maybe search the questions already asked just in case yours have already been covered.

Thanks again,


Reviews: 2
For my trilingual website I was looking for a cloud module that supports Joomfish. From my experience, Joes word cloud is the best solution for that. Very useful is the option to include or exclude words. The module would be perfect if there would be an option to include meta tags and an option to control the horizontal size of the module.
Owner's reply

Hi Jlaner,

Forgot to say, I released v1.6.3 of this module on the 14th April 2011 which along with other changes allows you to specify the width of the module.

Glad it helps!

Kind Regards,


Reviews: 2
This is a great word cloud mod and it works in Joomla 1.6! Just what I was looking for. Thanks for keeping Open Source alive!
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