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Joes Word Cloud Module

Editor's Note
  • This extension inserts a hidden backlink to the developer.
Script Function:
This extension is a joomla module displaying the words from your Joomla! core articles and displays them in a "cloud" of words displayed in a module. Font-size depends on the frequency of the word throughout your articles.

What makes this word cloud module different is that it takes its words directly from your Joomla! core articles instead of your meta tags which means less work to setup. It has been tested with various languages across the world and 3rd-party templates.

I wanted a module that doesn't need meta tags to be setup for it. I want a module which quickly installs and can work as is. I've added some CSS styling options because I'm just that lazy.

It's free as always, so enjoy!

- For Joomla! version 1.5.x websites, please visit my downloads page for compatible versions of this module.
- The displayed "joel lipman .com" text can be removed using the module parameters.

Admin Parameters include:
+ Style overrides
+ Get words from article title or content or both
+ Get words from displayed article or entire site
+ Keyword/Category inclusion/exclusion list
+ Use Joomla Access Levels (public, registered, ...)
+ Attach word to any search URL
+ International language support (incl. case-sensitivity)
+ Integrate: K2, jEvents, HotProperty, PhocaDownload
+ Debug mode message for the developer

Latest ChangeLogs:
v3.2.1 (18/03/2014)
- Enhancement: Label parameters in XML and language file review []

v3.2 (17/03/2014)
- Fixed Bug: Redeclare function issue when used multiple times [MargeE]

v3.1 (15/01/2014)
- Fixed Bug: German language support.

v3 (19/09/2013)
- Fixed Bug: Hardcoded DS value for Joomla 3.x compatibility.

v1.5.3 (09/04/2011)
- Downgrade version of Module v1.6.4 for Joomla 1.5.x websites

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Reviews: 1
Got it up and running on 1.6 within 5 minutes. Pretty good module greatly customizable
Reviews: 1
very good module. i used it several times with no errors at all.
Reviews: 1
I added this tag cloud on my blog page, and it works pretty well. well done!
Reviews: 1
Thank you for great module Joel, it’s very nice and very useful especially for websites based in different languages and Hot Property component users. I have tested it on my website. It’s work perfectly.
Reviews: 1
I've been looking for this module for a long time for my site. All the other tag cloud i found can't handle UTF8 and Hebrew, and this one can !

When I had questions and/or reported a problem, Joe was quick to respond back, with his helpful way, very comprehensive work, and fix it !

Good luck Joe and Thank you very much !
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