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Tags for your Joomla!
TorTags - the best tag system for your sites! This is a unique free component to create tag system on your Joomla! site.
Through this component, and a few plug-ins you can add tags to virtually
all components using the editor in their fields.

One of the features that make it interesting is that not only can include tags in the content component (com_content) native Joomla, but virtually any component, whether JoomShopping, MarketPlace, JEvents, VirtueMart, K2, JoomGallery, Joombah jobs, RedShop, Form2Content, Phoca Gallery[categories] or other simply by adding the component from the backend using the fields editor. In addition, tag-labels can be added anywhere in the article, beginning, middle or end of the article.

Your tags in one place. And this place - a paradise for tags - it's Tortags.

Our plans:
- Multilanguage version
- Import meta data from the articles to the tags, and vice versa.
- tags for Joomla 3.0 (legacy)
- And much more tags futures...

The latest features and updates:
- Compatibility TorTags with "Save and Copy" (copy tags in new articles)
- Tagging with "Batch Copy" (copy tags in new articles)
- Create connect tags. You can add a new tag everywhere where there is already specified another tag.
- Migration tags: Import tags from JoomlaTag and JX labels (from joomla 1.5).
- W3C tags
- Updated settings for components: Added option to show TorTags form for add new tags in editor only in BE, only on FE or both; Added option for state field customization.
- Updated settings for tag. Added option published/unpublished tag.

Front end features:
• Show tags in any position of each article.
• Add/Edit/Delete tags
• TorTags modules (Tag clouds)
• Search, system, xtd-button TorTags plugins
• SEF support
• Auto insert Tags to articles (only for com_content)
• TorTags plugin for Smart search by tags

Back end features:
• Components management
• Tag management
• ACL permissions
• Language file support [en-GB, ru-RU, es-ES, de-DE]

Thank you for using our component.

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Reviews: 29
Previously I had version 2.50 which must have been free at that time. Since then it's been made paid - fair enough, the dev needs to recoup time spent. However, the free version is a waste of download time. It does little useful and the only reason I looked at it was that I needed to use Joomla 2.5 for another component. If I'd been able to use J3 I'd have never looked.
Reviews: 1
With this great component I can create exellent site usability. I use tortags 2.5 on my two sites on joomla 2.5.8 It works great and fast.
Good job! Thank you guys!
Reviews: 1
This component is very easy to install and set up, everything works fine from scratch. There are some customization possibilities too, which made this free component perfect. I used the 1.3.5 free version. Now there is a newer 1.3.6 version for free download, I will try it later. Good work, thumbs up!
Reviews: 4
The product is alright overall but not recommended for large websites and the support from 1 out 10 I rate it about 1.

The product isn't for professionals. When Tortags is running it takes mysql load to the max. Poorly programmed and not worth the price.
Reviews: 1
Good component. It is easy in installation. Fast support.
Reviews: 1
TorTags - works well with joomla 2.5. Just refuses to work on Joomhopping 3.14
Reviews: 9
Easy to install and completely meets me expectations!
Good job! Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Component is very good and convenient, but support didn't answer for a looong time.
Reviews: 1
Hi Everybody.
This is a great component and unique for joomla Development .
this component has a greate support for users .
Reviews: 1
I would like to thank the developers for this component. Use it JoomGallery. Separately, many thanks to the technical Support issues that helped solve a small problem.
Reviews: 32
Using TorTags in Joomla 2.5 since version 2.5 (September 2012).
Advantages: Add any number of tags to articles, ability to integrate not only Joomla (com_content), but also with other components, convenient management of all site tags on a page, plug-in for Joomla search, integration with WYSIWYG editor TinyMCE, built-in styles for the design of tags (labels), access to the style sheet tags directly from the administrative zone, Joomla ACL, tag cloud for modules, User-friendly interface.
Disadvantages: There is no way to automatically create tags based on the text of the articles on the site. Last update of the product 28 February 2013 (for TorTags 3.0).
Support: The first time was great. But the last few months is too long to answer questions.
I chose this component because it has a lot of options and opportunities. The latest version support multiple languages.
Engaged in web technologies since March 2007. Use Joomla since December 2009.
Reviews: 4
I install on almost every joomla website i run. Persian of Farsi language is not supported in the main meta data of joomla, so this is a must-install component for me. thanks a lot
Owner's reply

Thank you for great review! We're pleased that our component is useful for you! Happy Tagging!

Reviews: 2
A realy feature rich and efficient Tag system for joomla 2.5. This component, along with the search, finder and content definition plugins, proved to be the perfect solution for my site.
I recently switched from other Tag Solutions without any major issue. I was able to replaced now all this different Tag Solutions within Tortag and can highly recommend it and I Will go definitively for an Pro Version.

+ good Extension and great concept, the configuration options are very good "out of the box" as it is
+ this was very easy to install & customize and does what's "advertised".
+ migration from other Tag Solution just went smooth and saved me a lot of time
+ easy to use module, (my favorit is randomly)
+ results of Tag output is html validateted and in a good page layout.
+ comes with a lot of useful plugins.
+ works good with Joomla core SEF.
+ fast communication & helpful response from Team.

- Doesnt make coffee yet... :-)
Owner's reply

Wonderful! Thank you! Perfect review! (we're a little embarrassed) P.s. and if there a strong need, we'll try create functional for make a coffee) Happy Tagging!

Reviews: 2
Superb component. I chose from the many options, but TorTags the most loved. A support team is working very well. Pleasantly surprised with the new version 3.0. and support for Joomla 3.0. Thank you!
Owner's reply

Thank you! We try to keep up with all joomla and third-party updates. Happy Tagging!

Reviews: 1
This component is fantastic, full of many functions and convenience: it is essential for a good SEO. Besides, the support team was a courtesy and exceptional speeds. I am very satisfied!
Owner's reply

We're happy - when you're happy! Thank you for great review! Happy Tagging!

Reviews: 1
A really good tagging component, can be used on almost any component you can think of and has every feature I may have thought of. It's not perfect, but it has a fair price and the team behind it answers to e-mails and requests in minutes with really helpful tips. Deserves all the stars I can give it ;)
Owner's reply

Thank you! All your stars is very useful for us :) Happy Tagging!

Reviews: 13
Good component. Easy to use. Issues fixed by the team. Keep the good work!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your great review!
Happy Tagging!

Reviews: 6
I bought the commercial version 2.5.

Installation without problems. The big Plus: You can add TorTags to nearly any other component. This rocks!

And best of all: VERY quick support. Some questions were answered within few hours and some changes we needed were done within some days for little money.

I am very content with TorTags itself but also with the developers.

Thanx a lot!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your great review!
We appreciate each our client! And always ready to help. Happy Tagging!

Reviews: 3
I am using TorTags with K2 and JEvents. No problems with install and generates nice looking output. Had an issue with JEvents URL's which are tricky to form right - I've had other vendors struggle to make their integrations with JEvents work. Reported it at 9AM on a Saturday and had a fix at 4PM. You can't beat that! Hat's off and highly recommended.
Owner's reply

Thank you! We tried to solve all problems - quickly as possible, sometimes on the weekend :) Happy Tagging!

Reviews: 2
The component you must have

In first time, I have tested the free version, I had a little problem with the French accent and it was fix in the day by the team of Tortag. As the component working very well, i decided to pass at the superior etape.

So, I decided to buy the complete version. Amazing ! Really .
It's really easy to add tag ( better than K2). I asked to the team to help me to custom the component like i want and they help me immediatly. And the result is perfect.

With the complete version you can stylize a TAG, and to add a TAG it's almost automatic when you have already add some tag.

If you need a TAG system, try it, you won't be disappoint.
Owner's reply

We're happy - when you're happy! Thank you for your recommendation and great review!

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