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Tags for your Joomla!
TorTags - the best tag system for your sites! This is a unique free component to create tag system on your Joomla! site.
Through this component, and a few plug-ins you can add tags to virtually
all components using the editor in their fields.

One of the features that make it interesting is that not only can include tags in the content component (com_content) native Joomla, but virtually any component, whether JoomShopping, MarketPlace, JEvents, VirtueMart, K2, JoomGallery, Joombah jobs, RedShop, Form2Content, Phoca Gallery[categories] or other simply by adding the component from the backend using the fields editor. In addition, tag-labels can be added anywhere in the article, beginning, middle or end of the article.

Your tags in one place. And this place - a paradise for tags - it's Tortags.

Our plans:
- Multilanguage version
- Import meta data from the articles to the tags, and vice versa.
- tags for Joomla 3.0 (legacy)
- And much more tags futures...

The latest features and updates:
- Compatibility TorTags with "Save and Copy" (copy tags in new articles)
- Tagging with "Batch Copy" (copy tags in new articles)
- Create connect tags. You can add a new tag everywhere where there is already specified another tag.
- Migration tags: Import tags from JoomlaTag and JX labels (from joomla 1.5).
- W3C tags
- Updated settings for components: Added option to show TorTags form for add new tags in editor only in BE, only on FE or both; Added option for state field customization.
- Updated settings for tag. Added option published/unpublished tag.

Front end features:
• Show tags in any position of each article.
• Add/Edit/Delete tags
• TorTags modules (Tag clouds)
• Search, system, xtd-button TorTags plugins
• SEF support
• Auto insert Tags to articles (only for com_content)
• TorTags plugin for Smart search by tags

Back end features:
• Components management
• Tag management
• ACL permissions
• Language file support [en-GB, ru-RU, es-ES, de-DE]

Thank you for using our component.

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Reviews: 1
Thanks for a great addition to my site. I am very pleased that bought TorTags. Surprised, the price is very funny. Thanks to the developers and support team. You are the best!
Owner's reply

Thank you! Happy Tagging!

Reviews: 3
lots of options, css styles etc install this for sure,tags look great and YOU NEED THEM.....

This is one extension you will NEVER uninstall and should be an option on every joomla site........
"Joomla 2.5.TORTAG" :)
Owner's reply

Thank you! We'll try to ensure there was no reasons for remove our component :) Happy Tagging!

Reviews: 1
There are two things you need to know before you install this extension:
1. It works good (my site is in Russian, but it is not a problem for TorTags)!
2. Support is great (my question was really, really stupid, but they answered me, they were nice and very helpful).
Commercial version allows you to set up your tags just the way you want them.
Thank you. It's beautiful.
Owner's reply

We highly appreciate every member of our small TorTags community. Also, we always happy answered on your questions. Thank you!

Reviews: 1
I was looking for a Joomla 2.5 tag product to replace the Joomla 1.5 JxLabels product, and this is perfect. It works great and looks nice. Yet, the best part may be the service. I have purchased many Joomla extensions over the years, but this product is by far the fastest in terms of responding to my requests. Keep up the good work. I look forward to future enhancements.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your great review! Happy Tagging!

Reviews: 14
I'm an experienced Joomla user and have been very pleased with this component.
I had one issue installing the component and one other small request - and got very quick and helpful support to get it working just as I needed.

Owner's reply

We're happy - when you're happy. Thank you for your recommendation and great review!

Reviews: 1
I am using the full version a couple of months now and i must say that although there are a number of functionality improvements that could be added to this extension, it WORKS GREAT, it WORKS AS ADVERTISED and the SUPPORT IS AMONG THE BEST I HAD SO FAR, and I've been around since mambo...

The developers will answer your questions and even adapt code if needed. Great stuff so far.

I RECOMMEND this extension for those that need the "multi-categorisation of articles" or simply article tagging.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your recommendation and great review! Happy Tagging!

Reviews: 7
I'm using the free version but so far very good. It does what it says and it does it right. The only thing I miss in this free edition is the possibility to show the related articles without going to the search page.
Owner's reply

Thank you! We'll try to do it. Happy Tagging!

Reviews: 1
really a nice work. thanks to everyone who has worked on that.

i have a question. when i hit a tag it brings a search result page with some options like categories, "search only here" etc. i want to bring the results with no options, just a list of articles. is that about the tortags or search options.

note: i use the free version
Owner's reply

Thank You! We can help you to solve problems. Please write to us at the contact form at the top of our site. Thanks.

Reviews: 5
Thank you for your excellent extensions. It's working on my Joomla! 2.5.6 site.
Owner's reply

Thank you for good review! Happy Tagging!

Reviews: 4
I'm a Joomla newbie and this was the first extension I ever installed. It worked right out of the box, I didn't need to adjust anything at all. Installed it, created a new article and started tagging. Wonderful! Also, when I contacted the developer with a question, I received a friendly & helpful reply within hours. Keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

Thank you. We'll always help you to configure our component. Thank you for your great review.

Reviews: 7
I tried the free version and it worked out of the box in content articles.
However, I could not get it working in Virtuemart 2.0.6. After sending a mail to the developer I received instant support.
They identified a problem related to VM and fixed one of the plugins. All been done within 2 hours or so.
This is a valuable service considering this extension comes for free.

The component is very simple to set up, if you follow the examples on their website.
The free version is a bit limited. Better go for the full version, the price is absolutely fair.
Owner's reply

Thank you! We'll always help you to configure our component - if there are any problems. We guarantee the safety and speed. Thank you for your review!

Reviews: 2
It would be greatest extension for displaying and sorting tags in joomla..

But when I try to pass W3C validation after your extension usage it shows 56 Errors, 19 warning(s)...
Owner's reply

Thank you very much!!! We have fixed almost everything...

Reviews: 1
Great component and perfect support! Thank you for fast help.
Owner's reply

Thank you for good review! Happy Tagging!

Reviews: 5
Hello Everybody,
I was in the search on a tagging extension that would allow me to tag images in JoomGallery as inherently it did not boast such features. TorTags promised such capabilities of being able to seamlessly integrate with 3rd party components and deliver it did.
Through some timed and excellent support system I was able to accomplish my objective and it now works fantabulously.

It definitely is a great component and I would recommend it to anyone in need of such an extension. Happy Tagging!
Owner's reply

We're always happy to help everyone achieve their goals with our component. Thank you for your recommendation and good review! Happy Tagging!

Reviews: 1
E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T !!!!
All is good : the component and the support (the quickest I had never seen).
Thanks for all
Pierre T.
Owner's reply

Big Thanks! We're happy - when you're happy.

Reviews: 1
I downloaded and started using free version. Liked it. I bought pro-version and not regretted.
This was exactly what I needed. I love this component. Tormix support team is very fast.
Great product! Great work!!!
Thanks and thanks again!
Owner's reply

Thank you for choosing us and bought our product! Thank You!

Reviews: 1
I was having some problems installing Tor Tags. I sent the Tor Tags support team a message. Within minutes they got back to me. They even went into my site and set Tor Tags up for me. Excellent!!!!
Owner's reply

Thank you. We'll always help you to configure our component - if there are any problems. We guarantee the safety and speed. Thank you for your review.

Reviews: 2
I have to give TorTags a 'Very Poor" rating because I haven't been able to get it to work at my site after purchasing the program and spending about an hour or two trying to get it to work. I haven't been able to get it to appear in my editor. I have been using Joomla for about 6 months so I still have a lot to learn about Joomla. However, I can't find any troubleshooting guides for TorTags and the instructions are not helping me get TorTags started.
Owner's reply

Thank you, there could be no better :) We're very sorry that you don't have enough experience to properly install and configure our component and have enough experience to lower our rating( We think TorTags installation easier of writing that review. And so think many of users using our component). All information about installing and configuring is described in detail at our site (steps, screenshots). Also, support always answers quickly, even on weekends. We're always happy to help you.
Sorry for your time spent.

Reviews: 11
The commercial extension does exactly what is advertised!
The response to my inquiry was immediate, address the problem directly, was followed up until the problem was corrected all within minutes.
The software is easy to install.
Ironically, I am unable to use the extension for the purpose that I purchased it for!
I need to be able to create tags for individual items. Unfortunately, the add-on only provides tags to the category of an item and not the item itself.
If it did, I would give it a 10-star!!!
Even so, I am sure that a lot of people will find it a great add-on to their site.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much. 5 stars is enough :)
But we really want to meet your expectations in tortags tandem with your component items. If it had not prevented the problem with the generation of sef-pages of your component. We necessarily find a solution. Thank you for a great review.

Reviews: 5
Love the plugin, it configures easily and works very well, however..

I understand the desire to have people pay for the newer versions but having the module come without any styling seems a bit 'short'.
The plugin gets 5 stars & the module 0 stars.
I hope in the future this is rectified.
Owner's reply

Thank you. We always welcome for your suggestions. We'll make our modules more comfortable and more functional.

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