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Tags for your Joomla!
TorTags - the best tag system for your sites! This is a unique free component to create tag system on your Joomla! site.
Through this component, and a few plug-ins you can add tags to virtually
all components using the editor in their fields.

One of the features that make it interesting is that not only can include tags in the content component (com_content) native Joomla, but virtually any component, whether JoomShopping, MarketPlace, JEvents, VirtueMart, K2, JoomGallery, Joombah jobs, RedShop, Form2Content, Phoca Gallery[categories] or other simply by adding the component from the backend using the fields editor. In addition, tag-labels can be added anywhere in the article, beginning, middle or end of the article.

Your tags in one place. And this place - a paradise for tags - it's Tortags.

Our plans:
- Multilanguage version
- Import meta data from the articles to the tags, and vice versa.
- tags for Joomla 3.0 (legacy)
- And much more tags futures...

The latest features and updates:
- Compatibility TorTags with "Save and Copy" (copy tags in new articles)
- Tagging with "Batch Copy" (copy tags in new articles)
- Create connect tags. You can add a new tag everywhere where there is already specified another tag.
- Migration tags: Import tags from JoomlaTag and JX labels (from joomla 1.5).
- W3C tags
- Updated settings for components: Added option to show TorTags form for add new tags in editor only in BE, only on FE or both; Added option for state field customization.
- Updated settings for tag. Added option published/unpublished tag.

Front end features:
• Show tags in any position of each article.
• Add/Edit/Delete tags
• TorTags modules (Tag clouds)
• Search, system, xtd-button TorTags plugins
• SEF support
• Auto insert Tags to articles (only for com_content)
• TorTags plugin for Smart search by tags

Back end features:
• Components management
• Tag management
• ACL permissions
• Language file support [en-GB, ru-RU, es-ES, de-DE]

Thank you for using our component.

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Reviews: 4
I use free version of TorTags and it works perfect on my Joomla! website. But i have not found an option to disable the tags button at the frontend page.

So i send an email to the Tormix team. I'm so surprised, because i got reply very fast. Then in 1 hour, i got the latest and new plugin version that support the option to disable the tags on the frontend.

Thanks to Tormix team..!!
Owner's reply

Thank you! We are always happy to help you.

Reviews: 2
I bought the full version of this extension and have to say it is worth every cent!

Its easy to set up and the support is excellent!!!! Thx for this one!
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot! We always try to that: the prices have been as low as possible, the quality as best as possible and support customers as fast as possible.

Reviews: 1
There are next annoying bugs:
1. Unable to delete tags from article.
2. Tags which contains two words don't work.
Owner's reply

Thank You! But, this is a very strange problems. For the first time we learn about this bugs only from you. So far no one else had such problems. When testing as we did not find anything. If they do exist, you can write in detail about them on our website in section Contacts. And if the problem in a component, we'll quickly fix any bugs .

Reviews: 1
I needed a pretty basic tagging module for my 1.7 site and TorTags has been the perfect fit. The free module does the basics nicely, but I'd definitely recommend the (incredibly cheap!) upgrade to version 2.5 for the extra features, more intuitive user interface, and support.

The support has been amazing -- even before I purchased the paid version, I got immediate responses to my questions from the support team. When I couldn't figure out a specific feature I needed, they sent me a modified module to fit my need.

Overall, great product, fantastic support!
Owner's reply

Thank You! We're happy - when you're happy.

Reviews: 52
I purchased TorTags the other day and now I see there is an upgrade. Unfortunately, from what I can see, there is NO way to download an upgrade of the product from the developers site or Avangate which they chose to use for software purchases. Great product, poor download and update implementation.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review. You are very fast :) For that reason, we give you our new version - free (already sent to your email). Immediately after the release of new versions, we just do not have time to refresh the page. Now is possible to update your versions on the site.

Reviews: 5
-Works well
-Free! (for basic functionality, otherwise pretty inexpensive to purchase for full functionality)
-Exactly what you expect Tags in articles to be.

-Very little documentation
-Slightly confusing to configure for anything but back-end article editing (there is documentation for this one view)
-Must save article once before adding tags (yes, it's a little thing, but mighty confusing for the layperson)

Would be nice:
-Configurable positions to have tags always appear in (to save from having to click the TorTags button in every article, again it's a little thing, but makes for a lot of steps for the layperson), for instance "Display tags at: (Beginning/End) of article"

All in all a promising plugin that could benefit from a little further development, but is solid and works just like you'd expect.

**For anybody wondering, you can configure adding tags for front-end editing by setting up the component exactly as you would for com_content (back-end article editing), but changing "&view=myview" in the Url template field to "&view=form". If you don't, everything will look correct in the front-end editing view, but the tags won't save!
Owner's reply

Thanks for good and helpful review.
So, about cons:
1-2. Documentation. We're writing articles based on a problems with our component. We're always try to help everyone. Progressively, we'll fill up the base of manuals.
3. Before save. In new versions we're already added possibility to add tags before saving article.
4. Without clicked on the TorTags button. In new version you can set "auto insert" in settings of Tortags content-plugin.

Once more, Thank you Liam! You really helped us to find problem areas in our component.

Reviews: 2
I bought the full version and requested the TorTags in another non-content based component. I got reply in 2 hours with full demo and support. Kudos to the developers. This component has a great potential to grow.
Owner's reply

Thanks for a great review. We are always happy to help you with our component.

Reviews: 1
Thanks for the great component and plugins. I installed it on my site. TorTags is working with other components. Everything works fine. Keep it up.
Owner's reply

Everyday, we strive to become better than we are. Thank you very much!

Reviews: 7
excellent work its have an option make this extension very flexible with all component

Request a Feature:
- Add menu link in menu manager to make page with
all tags in website.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback and proposal. In the new versions, we will make possible option to add menu link in menu manager to make page with all tags in website.

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