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Aixeena Taxonomy System ComponentModulePlugin

Aixeena Taxonomy System is a set of extensions to integrate a very simple navigation tags in Joomla 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5.

The package includes 4 extensions:

* Taxonomy Component: based on Joomla Search component is the one responsible for displaying the results for a given tag.
* The module "Taxonomy Cloud": shows a cloud of tags most often repeated (from the article metakey field) .
* The content plugin "Tags": shows the tags on the item.
* The search plugin "Tags": complements Joomla search.

Aixeena Taxonomy System works using the native capabilities of Joomla!: The tags or keywords are entered in the field metakey the article, separated by commas.

Little more need be done, because the installation and configuration is simple:

* Install the extension package (will install four extensions of time).
* Publish the module and the plugins.
* Ensure that the search for tags plugin is first ordered the rest of search plugins (content, categories, etc ...).
* Enter the tags or keywords in the field metakey items.

This component works perfectly with the multilingual native Joomla 1.6 +, and is completely non-intrusive and does not affect performance because it does not add scripts, styles or extra queries to the database.

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Reviews: 4
Good but not enough
Easy to instal
There is a little options
There are not meta name="keywords" and meta name="description", when pres a single tag. There is only joomla meta...
I hope this component will be improved ;)
keel walking ;)
Reviews: 2
Excellent component, module and plugin! Thanks you, great work
Reviews: 5
This is an excellent component, well suited for what others call multi-categorization.

Your SEO results will prove its worth.

The one feature that I hope will soon be enhanced is creating menu linked pages with it.
Reviews: 20
Easy installed and configured, provide all-in-one taxonomy solution.

- works with Joomla native SEF
- tags are taken from meta keywords
- tags placed at the end of article in the right place and with custom css
- tags cloud module
- tags are active links to search component
- no any impact on performance
Reviews: 3
It's good component, but is very simple. Sometimes it's good, but very short of more options. I'm a little disappointed.
Results page looks terrible and isn't configurable.
No configuration when using SEF components.
Sorry but this is only three.
Thanks for this extension, I believe that you can do more.
Reviews: 2
Perfect extension! Works just the way I like. Correctly working with Cyrillic characters.
Reviews: 8
Perfect right out of the box. I modified the CSS for a cleaner look, but that is not necessary. Works like a dream. Thanks.
Reviews: 11
Works well right out of the box. Uses existing systems (metadata keywords) rather than adding more data and fields to the Articles & Editor. The output of the component (when you click on a tag in the module) lacks styles to format beyond the very basics - a bit more control over the output using CSS would be appreciated.
Reviews: 6
It's really nice component - clean and simple code and the most important - fast-loading and efficient. I hope it will last more than few months in order to support future versions of Joomla.
I have already had bad expirience with one-day extensions, not supported by anyone.
Reviews: 1
The only (non-commercial) truly efficient tags system for joomla 2.5.
I had tried Gitags, Tortags & Searchtags

+ light weight & no database.
+ results in a good page layout.
+ basic search plugin.
+ cloud tags
+ works with special characters.
+ works with Joomla core SEF.
+ excellent support.
+ free !

- Doesn't make coffee... :/

Thanks for your works.