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UMI 3D Tag Cloud Module

Here my substitution to Joomulus.

The UMI 3D Tag Cloud is made with the Flash Object from Roy Tanck ( -> Thanks!

Now the UMI 3D Tag Cloud has also brought the TagCanvas functionality from to Joomla. Thank you to!

We added the lightshow prettyPhoto to our module. so we have to thank the guys from! :)

== Features ==
* 2 selectable Tag Clouds (Flash, TagCanvas)
* Support for images in the TagCanvas Cloud
* Language support for German and English
* Colourpicker
* 15 selectable font familys
* shadows
* lightshow (only usable with TagCanvas)

== Get Help ==
= Forum =
On SourceForge.Net I have added a forum where you can help each other.
= Bugs =
If you find a bug, you can open a ticket on SourceForge.Net

This module was made by a member of the UMI Webservice Student Team

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Reviews: 2
It's exactly what I needed. I have also installed it at my Joomla 3.2 site. Perfect. Many thanks for it.
Reviews: 10
TagCanvas work like a charm on ipad/iphone device, not the case for flash module.

It nicely done.

Is there a way to use images link instead of text in the cloud like TagCanvas? It would be a great addon to this extension.

Owner's reply

Like I already wrote in the description the image support for TagCanvas will be one of the next development steps :)

Reviews: 1
It's excellent module. I like it. but it can't show Chinese character. Though the logo is chinese character.
Owner's reply

Hi, I didn't try it but maybe the new TagCanvas functionality can help you with that.

Reviews: 1
I am very happy with the extensions. I recommend it!

Feature recommendation: it would be great to have an option to disable the animation and instead have some tags randomly rotated at 90angle.
Reviews: 4
Very good news : "Joomulus" is now available for J!2.5.

Could be better if :
- is correctly write in the xml file,
- delivery with an english translation...

Any way, it's a good job !
Owner's reply

Thanks for letting me know that there WAS a bug in the xml regarding to the English translation. :)