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Tag Transform Module

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Tag transform is a unique extension to display your Joomla native tags in a nice way. Since Joomla 3.1, the tagging system enhance the content management in Joomla. All your articles can have tags and then create a semantic link with all tagged content.

But how about automatically adding your tag in a module and display tags in various way? Tag transform module allows you to display your tag as a menu, drop down accordion because tags got level in Joomla, drop down list, flat view and 3D view. Everything is coming with nice designed themes inside and a lot of custom display options.

Create your tags, configure the Tag Transform module and display tags the way you want.

Main advantages:

- Display as menu with 3 styles
- Reflect the tag levels in menu
- Display the tag total number
- Display as a module
- Flat view with only CSS (light)
- Dropdown list selection
- Limit the number of tags
- Display as 3D cloud
- Sorting on count basis
- Joomla ordering implementation
- Cildren tag count display
- Easy parameters
- Respect the Joomla native tag system
- K2 tag compatible
- Stackideas Easy blog tag compatible

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Reviews: 7
This Module for sure powers up the Tag-Component of Joomla!

The developers have done a great Job. Thank you!
Reviews: 3
This Joomla tag extension is really cool because it's a module and all is automatic. I've created some menu based on tag in less than an hour.
The support is really reactive and new version frequently.
Reviews: 2
That is amazing !
I must say, when I bought the extension (which is not expensive by the way), I had already a good impression of the quality.

Still, when I applied the Tag Transform Module to my site, I noticed some little caveats. Not bugs as such, but functionalities which would be perfect for most projects, but which would not behave like I expected for my situation (different parent-tags, each having many child-tags).

Given the fact I had paid for 6-month support, I thought "well, I'll share my remarks and suggestions in the forum. Not only for my case, but because they would also make the extension more valuable for other users".

And guess what ? They implemented all my suggestions in a couple of days and released a new version.

So, to sum it up
- the module was already very good from the start (but still not corresponding exactly to my needs)
- and after several exchanges with the guys of JoomUnited, they implemented 6 new feature/options in the extension

So not only is now the extension above the rest, but I can say the guys are very open and professional !

With other words, they definitely deserve a ***** + * :-)
Reviews: 1
I was searching an app that would alow me to use my tags like a cross menu with categories.
Tag transform was the only one able to do so. Not joomla nor other app did this.
Now I can have tags organised with parent ones usable.

A really great job from Joomunited. My second product bought at their store and for the second time it came over my expectation.

A really nice work !
Reviews: 3
This extension is amazing... it is only matched by the customer service! We have searched for a tag extension that would not only show the parent tags but the child tags as well. It is very customized with many options to choose from. Their customer service is incredible... In all the years we've worked with Joomla and developers, we have never received as great of customer service as we did from these guys! Great job and keep up the great work!!!
Reviews: 1
With the introduction of the tag system to joomla 3, this is the best and most powerful tag module I have used. I am using it for menu and cloud system for joomla tag. It's nice to see that it supports parent and child level of tag as well.

Very happy to see how well it interacts with k2 and easyblog. I don't really like the way that easyblog uses the tagging system, and this made it easier to use, and look much better. Support is very good, and it seems like I get fast responses, along with good answers. Some of the best support of all the plugins I have downloaded.
Very nice work.