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Fancy TagCloud ModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

Spin up your site with this revolutionary tagcloud extension! Works with Joomla and K2 tags, and show them in an unusal way. It can fully fill out the available place with horizontal and vertical tags written by fancy gradient colors, and Google webfonts, what you can set from the module manager.

➤ Font size by tag count
A tag will be bigger or smaller depends on how many times was it used. More popular tags will be larger to highlight them.

➤ Gradient text colors
You can set a gradient color on the fancy module manager, and the tags will get this color. Smaller ones get the start color, and the biggest get the end one.

➤ Horizontal and Vertical tags on the canvas
The canvas is a modern HTML5 tag, what works properly with all of the modern browsers. If you have many tags, it will fully fill out the canvas without cover any of them. All of your tags will be visible at any time.

➤ Google Fonts
You can select all of the available Latin Google Font families, to show the texts with fancy fonts. Select one which is the most suitable for you.

➤ Additional Features
- Get the tags by a fully optimized SQL queries from Joomla tags, and K2 tags.
- Tags are clickable, so you can reach the tag landing pages by a simple click on the selected tag.
- Two layouts for the smaller or larger places for the tags, to fill out the area perfectly.
- The settings of the tagcloud is fully customizable in the module manager, or the predefined ones can be also use.
- This is a revolutionary way to show your tags in a tagcloud. This layout will highlight your tags, and make the navigation easy on your site.
- You can show the tags by article/element categories to show the most accurate tags on each pages. This also helps the customers to click on that tags, what are related to the current content.
- RGBA background also can be set as the tags background, to fit to your template, or set it to simply transparent.
- Use the spectacular Google Webfonts for the tags, to can make the tags more attractive.
- You can also limit how many tags would you like to show in each module. More tags can be more fancy, because more tags can fill up the module's place more tightly.
- Use more tags for one article to help the users in navigation.
- Use the same tags for more than one item, to can highlight the more important tags.
- You can also define the weight of the tags within the Google Fonts. Some tags looks well with thinner fonts, and other tags can be good in bolder in different modules. It can be your choice.
- The tagcloud use the same font weight in a module, to keep the tags in one unique block.
- You can show your tags on left or right side of your site, or simply place the tags into a full-width area.
- The tagcloud can be also in a main part of your site.
- The tagcloud has a well-optimized JS code, to keep your site loading speed fast.
- The tagcloud is also responsive, so all of the tags will be look-well on all screen size.

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Reviews: 3
Nice fancy looking extension. I like that it provides starndard hyper links and it uses div and css in the webpage code for the tags.
Reviews: 21
Thank you very much for this extension. I love it, the design is brilliant and it works right out of the box.
Reviews: 13
Simple the best Tag Cloud module I have tried.

I just needed to turn JQuery off in the module and it was working :-)

I could not figure out how to use a background image as shown in the demo.

It made 404 errors can clicking tags with Danish letters - I have reported this to the devs :-)

Thank you for a very fine module :-)
Reviews: 2
Same here as above: Jenő Kovács was supporting me within a few minutes and quickly solved what i have overseen.
The module ist working smooth and without any problems.
My recommendations for that!
Reviews: 6
I had slight problems using fancy tagcloud but the guys replayed almost instantly on my ticket and solved (and configured) this module for my webpage. Keep up the great work.