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nfrPiwik Plugin

nfrPiwik is a plug-in for entering the tracking-code for piwik-analytics into the current used template of your website.
You have to install Piwik ( first before using this plug-in. In the params section you just enter the tracking code piwik is given you.
This plug-in is useful if you are switching templates within your site, the tracking code will be written in the current index.php.
This plug-in comes with german and english language files

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Reviews: 4
Works just fine for me..
I use it in both J!2.5.x & J!3.2.x environments. Easy, simple, paste and Go...
Reviews: 1
So far so good, seems to work fine.
Hint: when I installed the plug-in, it appeared as plg_system_piwik in the list (I was looking for nfrPiwik or Piwik). Once I found it, easy to paste Piwik script and activate.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the hint; I didn't noticed before; its solved by now with version 3.0.2

Reviews: 1
Easy install, easy use. Just copy the piwik code to the plugin basic options, and done. I like it and see no need to look for another plugin.
Reviews: 5
Simple to use, takes 10 seconds to install, activate and get stats running!
Reviews: 8
Lightweight and simple to use, there's no point in mucking about with anything else!
Reviews: 9
Incase someone is wondering what's the difference between this and the "Piwik analytics for joomla" component. This is for those who want to install by Piwik by themselves and the other for those who want Piwik install in the same package. I most certainly prefer this way! Very light, extremely simple and effective plugin. Many thanks!
Reviews: 6
Does what it says and works right the first time. Excellent plugin that does not try to do everything. Add plugin, inserted piwik code, enabled and saved. Refreshed website home page and piwik code was there and metrics instantly started showing up on my piwik server.

Reviews: 8
Great. Fast and easy and does exactly what it says. Thank you!
Reviews: 4
Does exactly what it says... I use both versions for J1.5 and J1.7 and I'm happy with it. Thank you very much for this nice plugin!
Reviews: 2
this plugin is a good alternative for google analytics, easy instal, and use
Reviews: 2
Simply, installed plugin.
Simply, added Piwik code.
Simply, it works
Simply, great...thank you!
Reviews: 17
- Leave your core files alone
- easy install

Cons: None that I can see

This plugin is perfect to add your PIWIK CODE before the tag, just install, enter your code and forget.

Thank you to the developer.
Reviews: 1
If I am like anyone else trying to find Joomla related Piwik plugins is a mystery. I was hesitant to download this one because of no ratings but I am glad I did! I had spend TONS of time trying to figure out how to add the javascript to my site and this did it in a matter of seconds. The Piwik software is amazing and this extension makes it that much more awesome!

5 Stars for sure!