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Woopra 4 Joomla Plugin

This Joomla plugin will integrate the new asynchronous trackingcode by Woopra into your website. Features:
- It will automatically select your domain for subdomain tracking (Custom Subdomain Aggregation)
- You can add Custom Timeout Setting
- Automatically track Facebook like buttons on your website

We provide you with documentation on how to install the plugin easily.

UPDATE: added individual visitor tracking as an additional option. This functionality allows you to track individual registered users based on their username and emailadress.

Now also works on Joomla 1.7

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Reviews: 1
This is a very easy to use plugin. Just download, enter your website, and enable the plugin. (We've tried other plugins from this author and they are all great!)

The author seems very responsive to suggestions. We requested support for an optional Woopra feature, and it was added later that day.

5 stars for you!
Reviews: 35
i will give excellent because there is only 3 options to set up!!!

so no need to login anywhere...

just add you domain in the plugin... this is something you guys could automate !
since something is installed it has to be on a domain...

however if this works it would be great
Reviews: 9
Woopra is preety amazing- I've only just discovered it. I immediatly installed it on 4 sites using this plugin. I worked immediately except in one case (my own site, of course) So I emailed the developers this morning and by 3pm they had added a param to the plugin that fixed it. And now it's working beautifully. :-) I am so impressed by the quick response and excellent solution.