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plgJPiwik Plugin

plgJPiwik is a Joomla! Plugin adding Piwik tracking code for every pages of your Joomla! Website.
This plugin tracks not just the address of your pages, but it takes advantage of Piwik potentialities to register addictional info about every click of your users.
With plgJPiwik for example you can track the Actvive Menu of the page and the Active Component loaded. Moreover you can track the Logged User using your website or the Title of the Joomla! article they are visiting.
And it is absolutely simple to install and configure: you just need to know your Piwik Installation URL and your ID Site ... no piwik tracking code is required !!!

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Reviews: 6
Still playing around with it and checking the stat results, but seems to be working fine! Also, it has some nice options.

Great work, thanks!
Reviews: 5
I have installed, inserted the correct ID for the website to be watched and the URL to my PIWIK installation. Immediately it worked, as it should! Quick and easy without any handling of scripts!

I had some questions and the developer answered very fast and en detail via his forum.

I had an additional wish, that the tracking of content which is loaded via JCE-popup function into a shadowbox should also be tracked.
The developer will insert this function additionally in short time (one or few days).

I am happy with his reactions and with this plugin! My best recommendations!