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eorisis: Piwik Plugin

eorisis Piwik Plug-in connects your Joomla website with your Piwik Analytics so you can choose different settings from various of options through the plug-in. The main focus is to take advantage of all Server Side functionality in order to power up and improve your Piwik analytics in the most accurate and clean way. User friendly, with extended advanced control for the website administrator.

Compatible with Joomla 1.6 to 3.3 Series
Compatible with Piwik 2.x Series
One Installation Package / Fresh Install or Upgrade.


- Uses the latest Piwik API to transfer the data to your Piwik server with Auth Token.
- Tracking Methods supported: JavaScript with Image Fallback, JavaScript Only, Image Only, Server Side.
- Uses the latest Piwik JS tracking code (Asynchronous JavaScript).
- CloudFlare CDN Support.
- MaxMind GeoIP Database Support.
- You can send the IP of your choice to Piwik (Server Side Tracking).
- Set Goals based on referrer.
- Track RSS/Atom feeds.
- Custom Domain (FQDN) for the website with Scheme choice.
- Custom Domain for Cross-Domain Tracking.
- Country, Region, City, Latitude/Longitude, Local Time (and more) can be sent to Piwik using GeoIP.
- The time for a visit can be based on your Joomla timezone.
- Tracking Areas: Site (Front End), Administrator (Back End), or Both.
- Improved statistics accuracy by storing the Piwik Visitor ID to the Joomla session.
- Bots, Spiders and Services can be ignored, excluded or included to the statistics separately.
- Custom Lists for excluding IPs, User-Agent strings, Hostnames and Referrers.
- Log Visits to File with choices, split the log, have a custom filename, custom path, or set file permissions.
- Do-Not-Track (DNT) Support for all tracking methods. Respects the visitor's choice.
- Cross-Domain Tracking Support.
- When using JavaScript or Image Tracking you can choose the position in the document (head or body).
- Enable or disable tracking Local Area Network IP ranges (LAN).
- Custom Variables (Visitor / Page View) can be enabled/disabled separately for each tracking method or globally.
- Custom Page Title when using Image Tracking (e.g., a Page Title Suffix).
- Track a Goal when Image Tracking is in the selected tracking method and used.
- The Scheme for Image Tracking can be set to Auto, http, https, or Scheme Relative.
- You can set the Campaign Query Parameter Names (Name and Keyword).
- Hide known alias clicks to URLs of the site domain.
- Custom List for Alias URLs.
- Add the Domain name to the reports Page Title.
- Minify/Compress the Tracking Code (Javascript and Image).
- Tracking can take place in both Online and Offline site modes.
- Uses the native Joomla Update system (You can upgrade to the lastest version directly from your website).
- Information Tab: Server Version Check and Release Notes (Does not auto-check for update).
- All fields are translatable through the Language Manager.

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Reviews: 49
This is a fantastic plugin for Piwik! We have been through several of them this one beats the rest by far. One HUGE missing feature is custom variables for logged in user tracking and pages logged in users visit. With that addition, this would be a complete analytics tracking plugin for Piwik.
Owner's reply

Hello WebJIVE,

Thanks very much for your review as well ! I am very glad.

The "custom variables for logged in users" feature is coming, I have it it mind long ago. If you would like to make a suggestion on how you would like it to work inside the plug-in send me email with details please.

For anything else like questions, suggestions/requests, just contact me directly any time as well, using the email provided within the extension, or the page.

Have a nice summer,