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OpenPotion Asynchronous Google Analytics Plugin

Now you can choose from 3 different positions to add the analytics code to your site:

Just before closing HEAD tag
Just after opening BODY tag
Just before closing BODY tag

This allows you to use Google Tag Manager by adding the full snippet.

(check out our new, free Head and Body plugin - it is similar, but simpler and more useful)

The easiest and most simple plugin to add the google analytics tracking code, supplied by google, to your site.

Now you can just add the Web Property ID... OR you can paste in the full code supplied by google...or whatever you want! You can also choose where it loads, in head or end of body section.

Asynchronous Google Analytics tracking code and adds it just before the closing html head tag for faster (asynchronous) loading of your website (without having to modify your template's default code)!

If your site was slow because of google analytics, try this! This eliminates the lag caused by the old google analytics urchin.js and gs.js codes that had to be loaded at the bottom before the closing body tag.

We just wanted to give back to the Joomla community in one small way!


Just install, goto plugin manager (EXTENSIONS -> PLUGIN MANAGER, click on it, then add your UA-XXXXXXX-X Web Property ID in the plugin settings (make sure Web Property ID is selected, and set ENABLE to YES!.
IMPORTANT: Only use "Tracking Code" if you are pasting in raw code)

To verify it is working View Source of your homepage and search for your web property ID. Google reports on stats gathered 24 hours later... so be patient!

Oh and make sure to disable any other tool that adds the Google Analytics tracking code so you don't have 2 tracking codes (duh!).

Troubleshooting... Disable all caching/css compression/speed tools first to verify you are looking at fresh code! Then try setting the system plugin last or first in the order in plugin manager, then try disabling all other system plugins temporarily.
IMPORTANT: Imagine having a strong urge, to come back here and leave a review, that won't go away until you do! Just one tiny thing we'd like in return... We'd be grateful!

Updated to include advanced options of domain tracking methods... just install it over the old one (no need to uninstall).

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Reviews: 1
Work Fine, Easy install.
Thank you very much bro.
Regards from spain.
Reviews: 1
I just created an account on joomla in order to post this review. This was the best support I have ever experience for not only any joomla extension, but possibly for anything, ever. There is a chat feature on the download site and I got an immediate response, plus help on a few things for my site, unrelated to the plugin. Thank you so much!
Reviews: 1

No problem to install it but I cannot see the parameters of the plugins on the right side, it's just blank.

Could be that it's not compatible with Joomla 1.6?

Owner's reply

This extension is not Joomla 1.6 compatible. Once it is, if we figure out how to do such, we will update the listing here on the JED to reflect such.

Reviews: 3
I just installed it and i have a few questions for my surprise on the site there was a live chat option and i got everything answered, very nice people good support!
Reviews: 5
It worked like a charm! Thanks for the contribution to the community. Future updates will be considered great!!!
Reviews: 1
very useful. ... and an immediate assistance from the developer, as I need it. A very good level of support, Thank you very much Jason!
Reviews: 14
Guys, excellent!
Simple and easy to install and configure.
Before I think twice, it was done!
Congrats and thanks a lot.
Cheers from Brazil!
Reviews: 2
Works as advertised and installs without problems.

It could only be better if it was updated to include some options like excluding certain pages or user groups.

My company has an employees only area that I don't want to include but I don't want to use individual modules one each page.

But for now this does the job well enough.
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a good and stable plugin to add the new Google AS Analytics code to some of my sites. This plugin just works, and is stable.

The only (2) thing(s) I miss with this plugin :
- the ability to split the snippet (the basic part before the closing HEAD tag and the rest just before the closing BODY tag
- the ability to use/add additional customizations to the trackercode (see

I did find another plugin which allows for that ( although it is also called a GA plugin, it basically seems to add any javascript you specify before the HEAD tag and before the BODY tag

But as said : Openpotion AS GA : does what is claims to do, easy and stable, so I'll be using it on some of my sites

Owner's reply

Yeah... we admit it... we keep it simple. Otherwise modifying the template is the best idea. Also, greatest speed gains are achieved by loading all of the code up top... splitting is only recommended by google if there are conflicts, because it is slower.

Reviews: 9
I was thinking of doing this myself a few months back but didn't get around to it. Well done!

I'm surprised you haven't had more downloads considering the performance advantages of the asynchronous version.
Reviews: 9
Installed fine but does not put analytics into code where it claims or at all. I examined my entire code and the analytics was not there and no tracking took place.

Simply does not work.
Owner's reply

umm... yeah it does work and is easy as pie.

Install, go to Extensions, Plugin Manager, Filter for OpenPotion... click on our plugin, change enable to yes, on the right, put in your web property ID (a numeric code formatted UA-XXXXXXX-X that is provided by google)

Or contact us.

If it still does not show... try disabling all your other system plugins, until it does work, so you can find the culprit conflicting. Good luck... and once you figure it out... please update this really low rating.

Reviews: 7
Seems to do the job and very easy to install.
I would like to have the option to not track admin.
Owner's reply

As in the plugin disables when an admin is logged into the front end? Hmmm... it would probably have to be a module then? Anyone else is welcome to contribute, if they can figure that out... best bet is to set filters in Google Analytics to ignore your IP or other admins IP.

The plugin only dispays the analytics code on the frontend though and not in the backend admin area, in case there was any confusion about that.

Reviews: 5
Perfect and current. Took less than 2 min to find, read reviews, install and get running without issue. So nice to have extensions that do what you need, the first time without adding extra stuff.

Thanks folks.
Reviews: 1
Simple, Painless, No Installation Errors.
Nice indeed.
Reviews: 1
Tried a few other plug-ins and nada... then I found this baby and worked like a charm!

Thanks guys
Reviews: 6
This is a must have plugin !

Now my web site load twice faster !

Kudos !
Reviews: 2
Super easy to use. No editing any templates, or any of that madness. Just install it. Go to the plugin manager, click it's link there, turn it on, and paste in your google analytics ID number.

It quietly adds the most updated google analytics code to the top of the page (new code is supposed to go in the top). No more effort required than that.

Exactly what the BigShot analytics tool did, but these folks have kindly updated it with the newest Google code. Yea!

Easy, painless, and it works.
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