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Asynchronous Google Analytics Plugin

Google Analytics plugin helps you easily add in Google Analytics to your Joomla website. It allows for both Universal Google Analytics and Asynchronous Google Analytics. Yes both Google Analytics codes.

On some website it is hard to get Google Analytics to install and show on your website but this will make it so easy. You might not have the skills to modify code to add in the code from Google Analytics either.

This will help you get it and installed on your website.

*Updated 14th September*

This is the easiest way to install Google Analytics into your Joomla website.

Supports both universal and asynchronous Google Analytics.

This Google Analytics code has now been updated to the new Universal Google analytics code.

You now have the option of switching between the two versions, universal and asynchronous depending on your needs and what you want to be tracking on your website.

Simplified for Joomla. I've updated this plugin to take advantage of all the new features in Joomla 3.x including, auto updating, and download via the Joomla web installer found in Joomla 3.2

This plug-in allows you to easily add in the asynchronous Google Analytics code in to the header of your website.

Loading the Google Analytics code asynchronously allows for the rest of your site to load while the analytics code loads in the background and thus increasing the loading speed of your site.

Since Google Analytics now actively looks at your websites loading performance to calculates its search engine rankings, this plug-in is well worth a try.

This new version of the plugin fully supports multiple sub domains and multiple top level domains.

This plugin has been simplified for beginners.

Please check our documentation for all the tweaks you can now do to this plugin.

More information about Google Analytics Asynchronous method can be found here:

All you have to do is configure the plug-in with your Google Analytics web property ID and enable to plug-in and away you go.

The plug-in renders on initialization and inserts the entire Google Analytics code just before the closing head tag in your website.

Release History:
Version 4.3 (14th September)
- Added new direct download url and update url for future updates. Allows Google Analytics to be installed via admin area

Version 4.3 (13 May 2014)
-Updated for Universal Google Analytics Display Marketing/Remarketing feature

Version 4.2
-Added Google Analytics conversion tracking

Version 4.1 (22nd March 2013)
Completely rewritten the plugin to work better and be more optimised for the new Universal Google Analytics.

You now have the option choosing between the older Asynchronous Google Analytics or using the newer Universal Google Analytics.

Please note that you have to upgrade your analytics account to universal bef

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Reviews: 7
This extension is simply just work as it should be. Nice work, Pete Bui :)
Reviews: 1
Just installed on Joomla 3.3.0. Watched the video concurrent for step by step installation which, though not absolutely necessary, was well worth the ntly look like).
Reviews: 2
best one out there and installs from within J3.2.1 no download and upload it just works. great stuff
+ Analytics code
+ google-site-verification.
Owner's reply

Thanks for that! I wanted to be one of the first plugins that was to use the online web installer for the Joomla 3 series. I hope the addition has made things easier for people.

Reviews: 2
Very good Plugin, recommended for every site there is, keep up the good work!!!
Reviews: 14
This is one of the little plugins that you wondered how you survived without it. Easy to install and easier to use!
Reviews: 2
Never done a review before.
But just had to say.
This plugin saved a whole lot of time messing arround with joomlart t3 template.
Found this pluging and had it set up and working in less than five mins. Does exactly what it says and nice and simple.
Reviews: 114
I have spent hours at times trying to find the correct sections to get the GOOGLE ANALYTICS Code into a template for clients in the past. This has now revolutionised how I can get things done.

This should be a core joomla component for every website in my opinion. FANTASTIC WORK!

Thank you.
Reviews: 10
Great extension! Easy to use and efficient. Thanks!
Reviews: 4
7 hours of search trying to figure out a way to insert GA into a Joomlart template.

Nothing worked and I came across this plugin....

7 mins (including download, install and publish time)

This is an amazing thing
Reviews: 10
You can easily add the asynchronous Google Analytic code to your website. No need to change the code. It has also many setting for more advanced users.
Reviews: 2
I'd used this extension on another site with a troublesome template and it solved the issue immediately. Because of that experience, I decided to install it to a second site I was developing and it crashed the site completely. The error wasn't the developer's fault; I'd downloaded and installed the wrong version. After contacting the developer, I received an email explaining what the problem might be and how to rectify it. It was a quick fix and after installing the correct version and configuration, the analytics was working properly. I'll use it again - only I will make sure I click the right download button next time :-)
Reviews: 1
Hi, I have been fighting with a Yootheme warp framework for days. The Warp framework add backslashes to the analytics code and hence will not track the website. I got really fed up and tried everything in the code. No Luck. But when I found this plugin, I had it installed and verified in less than 5mins. This is really great. Thanks thanks thanks
Reviews: 7
Install, add your ID and publish - now how difficult was that?
Reviews: 1
Awesome! If everything worked the way this plugin does, we should be in great shape. Download, install, add Web property ID, enable, DONE!
Reviews: 9
Does exactly what you need - in less than a couple of minutes both Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools verified. THANKS for an excellent extension.
Reviews: 5
Simply great. Used for over 2-3 years, and the plugin just rocks. Keep up the good work guys.
Reviews: 2
To say this is easy to use is an absolute understatement... Piece of cake!
Thanks for making life easy again!
Reviews: 1
I add this to every new Joomla site I build and I've never had a problem. Less than 2 minutes to install and set up and it works perfectly.
Reviews: 1
1. Easy to Use.
2. Latest code of Google Analytics.
3. Puts the code just before the tag. (I checked this on my website and this part is an important one).
Reviews: 13
It´s very important to put Google analytics in to the header. And this plugin to do it.

The best
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