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Asynchronous Google Analytics Plugin

Google Analytics plugin helps you easily add in Google Analytics to your Joomla website. It allows for both Universal Google Analytics and Asynchronous Google Analytics. Yes both Google Analytics codes.

On some website it is hard to get Google Analytics to install and show on your website but this will make it so easy. You might not have the skills to modify code to add in the code from Google Analytics either.

This will help you get it and installed on your website.

*Updated 14th September*

This is the easiest way to install Google Analytics into your Joomla website.

Supports both universal and asynchronous Google Analytics.

This Google Analytics code has now been updated to the new Universal Google analytics code.

You now have the option of switching between the two versions, universal and asynchronous depending on your needs and what you want to be tracking on your website.

Simplified for Joomla. I've updated this plugin to take advantage of all the new features in Joomla 3.x including, auto updating, and download via the Joomla web installer found in Joomla 3.2

This plug-in allows you to easily add in the asynchronous Google Analytics code in to the header of your website.

Loading the Google Analytics code asynchronously allows for the rest of your site to load while the analytics code loads in the background and thus increasing the loading speed of your site.

Since Google Analytics now actively looks at your websites loading performance to calculates its search engine rankings, this plug-in is well worth a try.

This new version of the plugin fully supports multiple sub domains and multiple top level domains.

This plugin has been simplified for beginners.

Please check our documentation for all the tweaks you can now do to this plugin.

More information about Google Analytics Asynchronous method can be found here:

All you have to do is configure the plug-in with your Google Analytics web property ID and enable to plug-in and away you go.

The plug-in renders on initialization and inserts the entire Google Analytics code just before the closing head tag in your website.

Release History:
Version 4.3 (14th September)
- Added new direct download url and update url for future updates. Allows Google Analytics to be installed via admin area

Version 4.3 (13 May 2014)
-Updated for Universal Google Analytics Display Marketing/Remarketing feature

Version 4.2
-Added Google Analytics conversion tracking

Version 4.1 (22nd March 2013)
Completely rewritten the plugin to work better and be more optimised for the new Universal Google Analytics.

You now have the option choosing between the older Asynchronous Google Analytics or using the newer Universal Google Analytics.

Please note that you have to upgrade your analytics account to universal bef

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Reviews: 1
It works just as expected, with no glitches. Setup your GA account and publish the plugin. That's it. You're done.
Reviews: 1
This is very easy to setup and works like a charm. Great work, thanks!
Reviews: 1
It works. Excellent. And it is very simple. Today I just read the statistics in Google !!
Reviews: 1
I am a beginner in Joomla. With this extension I easily added Google Analytics to my site in a few minutes. And works perfect.

Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 4
In less than 2 Minutes installed and it works perfectly! Very recommended!
Reviews: 3
Does everything it says and simple for beginners . GREAT ! WORK !
Reviews: 3
If in few minutes google doesn't tell you he IS tracking the code, remove advanced params and try again.
Reviews: 2
Never let anyone trick you into editing in your templates or any other code. Just find a simple extension to do the job.
This one does the thing it is supposed to do and have features for the advanced user.
It's simple to use - I have only seen it done more userfriendly in WordPress (but shhhh .... that's another story).
For Joomla this is perfect.
Reviews: 1
It is easy to install and use. Just do not use advanced settings otherwise google can not verify your code. (At least it happened to me!)
Reviews: 10
Gotta love extensions that do what they say they do and easily! I've been pining for an update on JAnalytics but my wait is over. Asynchronous Google Analytics has filled the gap beautifully.

When I get paid on this job I'll be back to pay my dues and say thanks with some $$'s!

Great work!
Reviews: 4
Asynchronous Google Analytics: Excellent! Five stars, two thumbs!

It only takes less than a minute to download, install the plugin, then perform a very simple configuration without the panels are confusing.

File with the small size (only 6 KB), a simple display options .. but it works well and is very satisfying. For those of you who use Joomla 2.5, this plugin is a great solution.

Thank you very much for PB Web Development Australia for making this plugin.
Reviews: 2
I was using another highly rated and reviewed plug in and found that it did not work.

Google Webmaster Tools would not verify my sites.

Installed this one and problem solved.

Reviews: 1
Very useful and easy to install. Great work!
Reviews: 12
Two minutes from reading the reviews on this page to having it installed and functioning on a site. Much easier to use than hacking a template file, especially those based on complicated frameworks.
Reviews: 7
Makes it easy and simple to utilise Google Analytics on a joomla site. Quality work!
Reviews: 1
Fast and simple installation. Thanks!!!
Reviews: 4
Nice plugin, thanks! Very simple to install and configure.
Reviews: 2
Do as it says. Work fine and easy. Very good.
Reviews: 3
The extension is so simple and yet offers a benefit by installing the code from Google above the head section of the code. This is in the area recommended by Google. Just enter your account number/code and enable it.
Reviews: 5
Very simple to install and use.
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