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Google Analytics Dashboard Module

Google Analytics Dashboard is a Joomla! module that will display Google Analytics data on your website backend. Analytics data, provided through Google API, is integrated into a simple dashboard on your Admin control panel.

Using Google Charts, Google Analytics Dashboard displays detailed info and statistics about: number of visits, number of visitors, bounce rates, organic searches, pages per visit.

With Google Analytics Dashboard you can also display visits by country on Geo Map, top 24 pages, top 24 referrers, top 24 organic searches and traffic overview.

With Google Analytics Dashboard you can use data ranges as today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 14 days, last 30 days.

Your data is collected in a fast and secure manner because Google Analytics Dashboard uses OAuth2 protocol and Google Analytics API.

Google Analytics Dashboard uses a special cache system that will dramatically improve loading speeds for GA API requests.

From now on, you can check your GA statistics directly from your Administration Control Panel.

A video tutorial is also available on the Documentation page.

To be able to track visitors and data, with Google Analytics, you will need to install this plugin:

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Reviews: 11
Very nice, and easy to use. Make sure you watch the video FIRST, and do not rush ahead, thinking you know what you are doing! I did this, and whitescreened my own site - and they were very, very helpful in helping me fix the issue!
Reviews: 1
nice module and 10x for the video, very very helpfull! :)
Reviews: 2
Very easy to set up if you use the video. Also it's a must have to joomla administrators
Reviews: 4
If you worry to know about visits to your site then this module is very useful. Lightweight, loads fast since data comes from Google Analytics, not your DB.

The developer posted a video teaching how to configure it properly, but I found a difficulty that scared me at first: In the video the developer does not say how to set the callback URL, so I just put my main URL, it did not work and I was redirected to an error page from Google Developer.
The module is published in the "cpanel" position, located on the (backend) first page, and due to wrong configuration on module my backend has become inaccessible. After entering username and password it redirects to Google Developer error page.

This is not a bug, but a mistake I made.
To solve the problem I had to access my database using phpmyadmin and edit a parameter in modules table: publish status "1" to "0". this way I could access the backend again since that the module is now unpublished.

The configuration for the callback URL to be inserted must be the URL of your backend including the file "index.php". ""
Yes looks obvius but I miss it.
Now everything is fine and the module is perfect.
Thank you guy(s).
Owner's reply

When that happens, you can also use this method, which does not require database access:


Reviews: 4
With the help of the video, it will take you less than 5 minutes to set up the link to the Analytics API from the Google console and then enter your info inside this administration Module.

It's neat and well done and give a large overall on basic Google analytics.
And it's free!
So thank you very much for having developed such a module.
Reviews: 3
As an developer who also submitted extensions to JED, i must say this module is a nice addtion to the "Extension Directory" and an usefull one.
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